1. sub

    Faster Than Light -- Indie Spaceship Game releases today

    I was planning on doing something productive today, but between this and Black Mesa Source, I don't think that's going to happen. Anyone else going to be playing this? For anyone who doesn't know, FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. It tries to recreate the atmosphere of running a...
  2. McVries

    Faster PL Increase Idea

    I don't believe this was ever suggested before but if so, I apologize. Sometimes when playing ESF 1.2.3, my friends and I would want to build up PL quickly to get into a fight with transformations. For those who also want to be able to gain PL faster, perhaps there can be a map for that? I...
  3. K

    faster beams

    I was watching dragon ball z today and a saw something interesting.When picolo was weak and fought cell and attack him with beams cell could dodge them.But when picolo got stronger when united with kami ,his beams attack were faster.So the point is when a character go to the next level (ssj ssj2...
  4. Mccdbz5

    Higher Ki Cost for Faster Characters

    Well, if you know in 1.2, the slower your character is, the higher ki cost they have, and I'm thinking to myself, shouldn't it be the other way around? Well my suggestion is that, the faster your character is, the higher their ki cost is. Mainly because, if you look at it, if your ki cost is...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Faster Throws

    Well since theres a 90% chance that your going to be thrown, if the throwing sequence is started... ...Why not speed it up? is it really necesary to wait 10 seconds... you dont even get thrown very far. Speed it up, spin around once or twice, then toss em.
  6. K

    Faster CF

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to speed CF up so people on a server can transfor faster, if I was hosting the server that is. Maybe a serverside option or somthing. Thanks =)
  7. Tsunami

    Make FireFox Faster

    go to and follow there instructions. after doing this i now feel like i'm on cable
  8. crazykorean10

    How do you make compter faster!

  9. B

    Need to download faster

    I have a problem i try to download it but it takes to long because my modem is 44kb I tried to download it one day i go to 30% then i had to get of the internet this for 1.2 that is 214mb please help. :shocked:
  10. Krazy-Killa

    IMing users to get threads answered faster.

    I don't know if this has been brought to a moderator or administrator's attention, but this has to stop. Normally I don't complain on the integrity of these forums, but this is just getting ridiculous. I have been getting IMs (Mainly AIM), from people on these forums (Mainly new people) saying...
  11. K

    Getting Faster PL

    they should make it like if ur oponent has 2,000,000 pl and urs is 1,000,000 when u kill them u should get like a quarter of the pl 1,250,000 or half since its so hard do go ssj2 ect..
  12. Skyrider

    Servers crashes faster?

    I'm not sure about this. But i've been in 3 servers.. They all crashed "connection problem" within 10 - 15min
  13. K

    who thinks u should be able to transform faster when there is more transformation?

    i think that in 1.3, sence there is more transfoprmation,(im thinking of 2-3) u should be able to transform faster, like earlier, if not, having to reach last transformation is noting but a dream
  14. S

    How To Go Faster?

    hiya guys, i noticed on a thread ages ago that said ppl increase thier swoopig speed to crazy speeds using the console, i was wondering how to do that.
  15. G

    please help, want ki faster

    when i make it so my bots can't move, they keep worldspawning. is there anyway to actually get to a high ki level in 1.2 without spending a really long time playing, it took my like 2 hours atleast just to get untransformed trunks to 3,000. is there anyway to use dragonballs?
  16. F

    throw escape and how to charge Change Form (CF) faster

    how can u actualy escape a throw? i know that u must hold the first mouse button,but it works 15% of the times i tried to escape. is there something that i dont know.and how can u charge CF faster? if anyone knows,tell me please,thx :D
  17. V

    More PS, transform faster

    Yo guys, i have 2 suggestions: - More powerstruggles. I think there's too mutch melee and too little power struggle. And yes in the series there's also a lot of melee, but in the buu episodes there are many episodes where they use beams etc and little melee. (so please make the game more...
  18. J

    Faster Battles

    Anyone else think that the current system is a little too easy? I personally like the arrows, and think a good way to fix this would be to simply shorten the timeslots between individual attacks. Discuss?
  19. U

    charge up faster?

    i thought that if say you are goku and you charge up a normal kahmaha right. its weak, but also it takes a while. now i think when you transform, i no the dmg rises. but i think also should the speed of it when your charging it up . what im getting at is that the speed should increase if your...
  20. Krazy-Killa

    Going faster while swooping...

    Here's something I just thought of -- Going even faster while swooping. Here's how it would work: Description While you are swooping (double-tapping I assume), if you (and I'm still thinking on this), either press turbo, or double-tap again, your character will go 2x as fast, kinda like what...