1. KarrdeKNR

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Release Date

    Well, for those who haven't been paying attention, apparently Nomura's kicked out a final release date of September 14th. This includes a limited edition version that'll go out the same time. When will it come to the US, who knows, but I'm sure it'll be translated like that day so :P...
  2. T

    Final Fantasy 12 info.?

    I know there's a new final fantasy coming out but I haven't heard jack on it...i usually know everything right now, but any news? does it look good?
  3. RavenTrunks

    Final Fantasy XI

    Ok i have the game, got it about 3 hours ago, since then im still downloading "updates and files" still have another 30 mins to go. And im still not sure if i have to download something else after this one. for $30 i got this and the bonus Expansion. Does anyone think its worth it?preferably...
  4. S

    Final Fantasy (New) 9 Out of 10

    Go Omni-Slash all the way
  5. N

    models from the final fantasy games/movies

    yes, it's true. this is a site with all the render sites of the models, there is also an selection for the animatrix :D
  6. imkongkong

    NEW Final fantasy 7 game

    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: RPG Origin: Japan Release: 2005 Square Enix announced a new PS2 RPG called Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, a sequel / spinoff of Final Fantasy VII. The story takes place one year...
  7. S

    Final Fantasy 8 out of 10 (new)

    I think Malboro from FF-7 was pretty hard to beat dam bad breath but they got easier to as they game progressed - now FF-8 Malboros got way easier ribbon, auto-haste, Ultima on my status def so i absorb damage its so sweet. so i think Malboros in general are hard to beat but they get eaiser to...
  8. A

    Your favorite final fantasy Game

    What is you favorite final fantasy game? I like final fantasy 7 the most.
  9. S

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children

    Has anyone heard anything new? I had thought it was to be released this summer, but now is it delayed? I really wanna down- err....see this movie. Though i must say i hate how cloud and Vincent look like a bunch of softies now. and they really ***ed up his hairdo. and tifa's rack shrunk.
  10. SSj Gotenks

    Fantasy Super Smash Brothers

    Ok one of my fav games on the gamecube is Super Smash Brothers Melee, and if you dont know what that is, well its a game where nintendo got a bunch of famous people from all of their other games and decided that it would be nice if they all duked it out in a crazy battle. I was thinking why...
  11. S

    Final Fantasy New 7 out of 10

    I think that in a dream match between auron and Sephiroth it is a very hard decsion Auron is dead and cant die but sephiroth is routhless and gives no mercy. But id ive to call it a draw because its such a hard decsion.
  12. S

    Final Fantasy (New) 6 Out of 10

    i think that the Flora Valite Dresssphere was the best i mean look how strong great whirl was and it didn't even take up MP
  13. S

    Final Fantasy Help #2

    Hey its me again i have another small question i have all the necessary requirements for the lion heart on disc one except for the dragon Fang and i was wondering if there is anyway of getting a dragon fang on the first disc so if there is tell me if not tell me the earliest time i can get one...
  14. S

    Final Fantasy New 5 out of 10 (Half way there)

    I Think Cadaolbag is the best final weapon because it can break the 9999 damage limit and it gains the overdrive/Limit Break at triple speed.
  15. S

    Final Fantasy New 4 Out of 10

    i think Auron has the best motivational speech and thats all i gotta say
  16. S

    Final Fantasy New 3 Out of 10

    I Think The Al-Bhed Primers are the most Challenging Collection to get from the FF series but i am in total agree ment that the 1/35 soldier from FF7 is in a close 2nd
  17. C

    FInal Fantasy SIG.

    I made this a few mins ago...I made it dark and I am still working on the text thou... Crits and Comments PLZ.
  18. imkongkong

    favorite Final fantasy game

    whats your fave final fantasy game? i love the story in 6 and 7.. but i'd probably go wiht 7.. i think 6 had a better well developed storyline, but 7 i liked also.. ahha
  19. L

    Final Fantasy Poll : Yet Another Useless Thread

    So if Cloud Was gonna dye his hair what color do you guys think it would be? I think passion PInk would be pimp
  20. S

    Final Fantasy Education

    sup every one if you can tell im in a major FF craze right now anyways i havent played any of the ealier FF's like 1,2,3,4,5,6, tactics so to make my poles more interesting please educate me on the FF's ive missed and tell me if you recommend them and then ill play them and compare them to my...