1. P

    Final Fantasy 10

    Im getting a ps2 in afew weeks (yey for me I have a job:D ) and I want to get final fantasy 10, i ahve all the others so far, but I wanna know when its out in the U.K, anyone know? it does not say on the web site lol (Hikibi, is FF10 any good?, dont tell me any spoilers or i will cry:cry...
  2. V

    Check out my final fantasy site.

    Tell me what uou think please!:) ClickHere please tell me what you think.
  3. G

    Best Final Fantasy?

    Final Fantasy Tactics ofcourse second to tat FFXI and FFVII
  4. G


    jus representin all the hardcore Final Fantasy Fans out there :tired:
  5. Nabollo

    Fantasy Characters

    Nabollo (wonder where that came from...) his attacks: Samakenoha: Extremly powerful, extremly large extremley innacurate ki beam. rarely ever hits (thus keno, a very hard-to-win casino game) posession: self-explanitory. both bodies are linked by life force so when one gets hit, both get...