1. C

    Final Fantasy XII

    If you havent realized yet.. It comes out TOMMOROW!!! wooo I cant wait for it. It looks like a great game. lil Trailer from youtube: I pre-ordered it a while ago and will be playing it tommorow :D Whos pumped for this game?
  2. SA_Gohan

    Beginning's End: Random Fantasy Fic

    I started on this story along time ago in the name of a roleplay I used to be a part of. It started off being based loosely in the Dragon Ball Z world, but the story itself, and the backstory driving it has developed so far along on its own that I think its too far from its origins to be called...
  3. -Blaze-

    Fantasy Wars thread (psssst... over here..)

    This thread is for creating your own Fantasy character. -RULEZ- 1.No nudity. 2.No bad gestures in the artwork :P 3.Some sexyness XD. 4.Character must include name, age, hobby, short description. 5.Have fun drawing characters !!!!! My character: -----------------------------...
  4. C

    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

    So whos gonna go pick this up? Comes out aug 15th and is surpervised by the same guy who made the original final fanasty VII. Its a shooter game revolving around vincent that takes place a year after advent children. Anyway, ill pick it up, not right away, but eventually. Im busy with...
  5. Kaination

    Final fantasy 7: dirge of cerebus

    what ever happened to this game, anyone following it? it's been in development for ages.
  6. G

    Final Fantasy XII

    So check it out: "Famitsu is known worldwide for its harsh grading of current videogames. Video games are graded in Famitsu by a panel of four video game reviewers. Each reviewer gives a score from one to ten (ten being best). The scores of the four...
  7. Phobius

    Real Life Final Fantasy battle! Be amazed thats all I got to say.
  8. Deman

    Nationstates, the Fantasy Government This is a fun little dealio. Lets you create a country to your own likings, and then lets you make decisions on its issues. So start one up and share the link with us :D is mine.
  9. PiXel

    Modeling Competition 4 - Your own Final Fantasy Character ( 14.11.05 - 14.12.05

    <center>Modeling Competition-4 --- Your own Final Fantasy Character</center> ------------------------------------------------ Description: You´ve ever dreamed about an own Final Fantasy character for an episode? You wanted to show it of and wanted that everybody will love it...
  10. IceX

    final fantasy

    meh dont like it that much but u say
  11. D

    final fantasy 7 help

    ok, just so you know i havent played this game in years and i just started it awhile again for the 4,789,232nd time but im at the point where im trying to defeat ultima weapon (the easiest weapon in the game) but i cant get him to go to cosmo canyon, nor can i even get past the second fight (he...
  12. Gama

    Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII:

    I dont know if any of u seen this but i came across it by mistake and was reading up a bit bout it and it looks pretty sweet =D full review: here
  13. Gama

    Final Fantasy games

    im board again and im going to take my bordom out of these forums by asking weird question of what is your fav FF game im gonna make a poll from 6 to 11 plus tatics and FFCC, im not including 1-5 come on guys lets face it they were poo =P
  14. J

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children. SPOILER THREAD!

    who votes Reno and Rude for the best character slots? seriously, the whole movie was insanely good, but those two really brought be back to how they acted in the game hehe, especially the look on Rudes face when Reno breaks his glasses hahaha XD to be honest, there are very few things i...
  15. J

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children. release o/

    in 6 days, advent children is set for a worldwide release!!! who's excited?!
  16. S

    Modeling Competition 3 – Small Fantasy Environment Piece 16-08-05 - 1-10-05

    Modeling Competition 3 – Small Fantasy Environment Piece ------------------------------------------------ Description: Building on skills is important, so I believe this competition should further expand abilities touched on in previous challenges. Saying that I will balance this don’t...
  17. C

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Im making a fantasy football league for any forum member that wants to join. If no body knows, fantasy football is a league where you draft players and depending on how well they do in games you get points. No prize, just for fun. Something for the sports fans on the forum. ID Number...
  18. OubliezJe


    There completly Redoing the whole game with better graphics. It was presented in the PS3's introduction, id ytou look at it on Its the day i have been waiting for.
  19. imkongkong

    Fave Final Fantasy STORY and GAMEPLAY

    NOT the graphics, NOT the WOW 3D world haxor omg.. which final fantasy story and gameplay is your overall favorite?? mine is ff6... its freakin awesome >_< next would b ff7 for me
  20. Kaination

    Final Fantasy 7 for PS3?! comments?