1. .Maze

    Some Extra Stuff. Fun Modes and Game Related Things

    Hey there. I went thru some of my old Suggestions and i still kinda like them ;-)... If anyone played for the PS2 Budokai 3 then you know when you fly over the map you can sense the Destionation KI where you have to go. Now my idea is to add that into the game for people where dont want...
  2. acira

    extra characters

    is there any posible way that i can put more characters in my esf
  3. Ravendust

    DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 - Wii Extra Characters Revealed

    Bandai have announced the 6 bonus characters for the Wii version of Budokai Tenkaichi 2; 1. Appule: http://dbzs-neo.jp/image_17.html 2. Frieza Soldier: http://dbzs-neo.jp/image_18.html 3+4. Pilaf Machine (both forms): http://dbzs-neo.jp/image_19.html 5. Piccolo Daimaou...
  4. .Maze

    Windows Desktop Themes WITHOUT an extra Prog ?

    Hi. Is there any way to use some Desktop Themes without an extra Program ? Like WindowsBlinds and StyleXP ? I once had an Taskbar called "Royality" or somehow like this. It changed the look of my Taskbar and the BG but i didnt used an extra Program for this. And now im searching for the Way...
  5. Ouchyz

    DBZ Extra's??

    Does anyone a place where i can watch all the DragonBall GT episodes or some of them, iv missed like 8 episodes. Preferalbly a website?? (Truthfully i dont like DB,DBZ or DBgt anymore but this game kinda got me into it again)

    Thing extra

    guys i was thing for esf i would b awsome if u can get in cars and ram ppl just for the hell of it if not they can jump and grab the car and throw it and smash it or throw it and throw a beam at it. also make maps that can b destroyed like a building crashes down when u throw some one in it or...
  7. Delusional

    extra hit (super DBZISH)

    When your enemy is stuck on the ground i had the idea that you could swoop down and kick them in the spine...perhaps making the ground crack a little more..and the victim recieves an extra 3+ dmg?
  8. Jasonafex

    extra stuff for maps

    this thread can be for extras for maps like interactive stuff, usable items (besides senzu beans) etc.For eg. a pod thing like dubura used that you can use to meditate for a little while to boost ki and health but be careful not to get attacked while meditating other wise you'll lose ki and...
  9. D

    Where Can i Get the addon thing to get extra characters?

    I already have Evoulution X where do i get the thing for more Characters????
  10. B

    Evm needs an extra map pack

    When i finish to install evm it says that i need an additional model pack or my models will look like crap, so wich pack i need?
  11. Avenger

    A few extra tips for you newbies

    I thought i'd let you in on a few tricks to keep you from getting owned. Many people will get mad at me for doing it.. But the noobs must learn somehow. Lesson #1 - ALWAYS turn in the direction your opponent is when trying to head on him, if he turns in the last second you get mushed by an...
  12. Ravendust

    Extra Sprites

    Off the bat, this is an eyecandy thread. If you hate eyecandy then look elsewere. These are extra places to include sprites to make it more like the show and to look better. -Shockwave when beams collide for a beamstruggle. -Smaller shockwave when blocking a beam. -Smoke clouds when...
  13. B

    Want 20 extra fps or more in any game? read this!

    http://ut2k3.hellcat.net/megatweak/index.html really speeds games up
  14. J

    extra HL cd key

    this will probably be weird, but does anyone have an extra HL cdkey i can have,the only reason i need this is bcuz my mom threw the paper that had mine on it away O_o so i didnt know and i reinstalled and its kinda hard to install without your cdkey so anyone :laff:
  15. S

    Extra Health?

    Not sure under what conditions this works for exactly, but I tried it on a listen server lan game in team mode with character restrictions of 1 per team and realistic good/evil teams enabled. Join team good as Goku. Everything's fine so far. Switch to team evil and select Buu. 110 is...
  16. A

    Different game modes+extra's

    We all know the only real reason that esf isnt as popular as alot of other mods is because of the way the game is played. The fact that you cannot "win" in esf as there is no limit to the amount of respawning etc that you can do - making the game very repetetive. Thats why I've come up with a...
  17. B

    Frieza Extra Move

    I dont know if you have been asked this before but would you consider adding another energy disk to friezas normal 1 disk, cause in the eps you see frieza control two disks would this be possible to do in the game???
  18. S

    Extra Power Up attack bar

    You can keep charging up and get darker bars each time but only on some attacks (ex spirit bomb you charge it up all the way but if you keep holding it the bar goes back to the beggining covers the other bar and becomes a darker bar, and having a more powerfull and bigger attack.
  19. P

    Extra attacks.

    Cell should have spirit bomb, self destruct and regenerate like on the show. Vegeta should have final shine and his rapid fire should keep on firing really fast as long as u hold left/right click. Piccolo should have regenerate and his homing rapid fire thingy should be changed. the...
  20. S

    Trunks should get one more extra beam...

    Although most people now believe that Trunks is fine the way he is, I believe he should have one extra attack. Although the ESF team doesn't take ideas from the DBZ movies, I just wanted to suggest this any ways. In movie number 8(Brolly encounter 1), I found something very interesting. Gohan...
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