Some Extra Stuff. Fun Modes and Game Related Things

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Jul 13, 2004
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Hey there.

I went thru some of my old Suggestions and i still kinda like them ;-)...

If anyone played for the PS2 Budokai 3 then you know when you fly over the map you can sense the Destionation KI where you have to go.
Now my idea is to add that into the game for people where dont want to use the Scouter. You switch your Screen Mode and you see KI Radiated from other Players

Original Thread:


Fun Modes: Original Thread:

Melee Only = Self Explaining, NO Ki weapons only Fists and Boots

NO Fly or Swoop Mode = You cannot Fly or Swoop, only Jump as High as possible to gain some elevated places.

LOW PL Mode = (My Favorite for some reason) You are NOT Starting with 750.000 PL for example. NO You are starting with 750... But your requirements for Transformations are NOT Changing. You only Start Low.

1-Hit Kill Mode = Mhh You die with 1 Hit. Dont know if it matters what attack it is or not.

NO Charge Time = Every Attack instantly Fully Charged and Ready to let go.

That Fun Mode would just be something out of the ordinary. For players to mess around if they dont want to play always the same way :/.

Just to keep the long time motivation high. I hope you get my point.


ADMIN Mode: Original Thread:

Mhh Admin mode is basicly an added Feature for the Server Admin.

It lets you open an ingame Window where you can exectue some Amxx kinda Commands and easily Highlight other players to keep track on them and Kick/ Ban them easily. And change the Day/NIght cycle speed... well just to let you easily manage all the important stuff.
And sine an Admin should also have to fun Powers for Toying around (sometimes ! :)).
You could also add some fun stuff like there was in amxx. since not every admin is an dumbnut but still wants to have some fun with other players where are dumbnuts :p
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Nov 21, 2003
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Day/night cycle speeds are mapper domain.

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