1. Fusion Ha

    Modeling Program with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a free modeling program that allows exporting to Direct X format (.x) Thanks in advance :)
  2. Fusion Ha

    Terrain Editor with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a terrain editor with the possibility to export to direct x. I know there are a few but im looking for free ones :P Thanks in advance :)
  3. §lipKnot

    how to re-edit, export and import skins

    This thread is to show How to import and export skins using Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25 1 down load Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25 link: http://www.milkshape3d.com/ 2. use program to load model MLD http://img232.echo.cx/my.php?image=10xx2.jpg 3. after loading model click texture...
  4. samurai^Kurai

    Export Budokai 2 models

    hi, i wanted to ask wether it is possible to extract the budokai 2/1 models out of the ps 2 disc
  5. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    I use valve hammer editor to create my maps, but lately i can't export my maps to the *.map format. When i try to do this, the valve hammer editor crashes. I reinstalled is many times, but that doesn't help. I use valve hammer editor 3.4 ,and i compile with a bat file, which i got from the big...
  6. NinJa HunteR

    How can i get Models (.mdl) in 3dsmax?

    Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum..if so... move it plz How can i get models(.mdl) in 3ds max 4.2 (3d Studio Max) Thx in advance
  7. Darkside

    importing into 3dsmax

    how do you import models into 3dsmax?
  8. A

    Rendering help.

    Just wondering, is thier anyway I can open something in bryce, that I made in milkshape, so i can render it? o_o :confused:
  9. S

    ok i dl a tarrain genorator for..

    ok i dl a tarrian gentorator for milkshape 3d but i was wondering if there is a plugin of somekind that will let me export, and compile it so i can run it in esf? can any one help me out with this plz?? and if ya no the link plz post it thx muchly! ssj Nathan
  10. W

    help help help!

    OK now thet i can import with 3d max studio i dont know how to export SMD !!! and then how can i do my SM t be MDL??
  11. Y

    Gmax Prob

    First i am very sry that i ask such a noob question but i didn´t know an answer so plz help me. How can i import esf .mdl files into gmax. And if i finished making a model how can i export it. thx for every answer.
  12. Vashusa

    .MD3 to .SMD

    i need help with my milkshape. i'm trying to turn a md3 file to an smd file with no success. if someone knows how can u plz tell me.
  13. Damaera

    -How to Edit Model's IN HLMV (Like hair and clothes or aura)-

    Well! First of all Sopose I had a Gouk model I'm editing. First I Export the hair, body,etc..... Then you colour in the Clothes or Hair in Bmp. Import it. And It's uploaded. Now all you have to do is Save model.... Then if you want to see the edit, Just open the goku.mdl And go to the first tab...
  14. D

    mix between Big O & Betterman

    Rendering Programs?? What is a FREE Rendering Program I can use? Would I have to get 3DSM...or some expensive program like that?
  15. D

    Convert some models

    Is there anyone here with a working version of 3d studio max 4 or higher that would be able to convert some .max files to .asc files which milkshape can open? Please let me know if there is anyone that can do this.
  16. I

    How can i open or make a new model with milkshape?

    What must i do to import an existing esf mdl model? how do i export it?
  17. S

    ms3d/3dsm question

    does anyone know if there is a way to export a model from ms3d to 3dsm WITHOUT losing the bones for animation? because if not i'm not going to learn animation, but if there is i'll try
  18. MysticVegeta

    Need help!

    I made model but its ms3d. How can i save it so it is .smd????????
  19. M

    Need help from a good modeler!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok i have a model and when i try to export there come a messege "found vertex with invalid bone assignement" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i have to assign the model with the bones but i cant im not good enough :cry: So if there is a modeler that can do it for me !!!!!!!!!! Please give...
  20. M

    Can someone help

    Ok i try do do some remodeling can someone tell me how i combinate two models like Vegettos body and vegetas arms or something else he always showed me a problem with the skeleton it so i cant import two smd s with skeleton and when i import one without he cant export because of everything like...