1. M

    Export a model to mdl?

    Can somone help me by exporting this to a .MDL? Milkshape gives me an error when I try. http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/methril2/bomb.smd (paste link into browser) It's an .SMD right now. Thanks
  2. S

    is gmax dumb?

    i dont understand... gmax i cant open mdl files if you dont know how to do please tell another program than milkshape3 and gmax
  3. N

    Compiling Models in Ms3d

    Ok i know exactly what to do im working on a gohan edit and my buu model :) ok heres my problem i go to generate the qc thats fine now compiling it is what im having probs with. When i compile it it says :error: Cannot find /sequence.smd Something along those lines It would help...
  4. S

    please someone help

    i need help with milkshape3d how i open esf mdls? please help me.. when i open hl mdls (esf) anyways i open ssjvegeta and nothing showes on the 4 screens
  5. G

    3D max import-export

    Where can i get plugin for 3D max import-export MDL format or same but for Gmax. :confused: Plizzzzzzzz help.
  6. HyperSaiyaman

    Aura Change

    As you all know Cells aura is green but i wanna change it like super saiyan aura (yellow) cuz thats his real aura like this image can confirm.the question is how can i change it?
  7. P

    Please help

    Does anyone about the specifics i need to know to make my own animations? Like framerate, length, etc. Also, when making models, how do you know how big to make them? Finally, does anyone know where I can get a plugin or tool to export to .smd from 3dsmax 4 ?
  8. Nuttzy

    help me, editing animation smds

    quick question about animating in milkshape, well, i can model and skin, i can get stuff in game by assigning new models to old skeletons, but when you decompile a mdl and you have all the animation smds, how exactly do you go about editing those to different animations, my guess...
  9. S

    Modeling help!

    how do i make a head and body ect cause i tried using Vertex but it wont show the body it just shows a flat shade off thing and plus it dosent look like body(its just me :cry: ) so can anyone help
  10. S

    MilkShape Help?

    i just downloaded MilkShape 3d 1.5.6(Trial) and after i decomplie the files how do i complie them Back to .mdl??
  11. S

    is there any FREE modeling programmes that can load smd files?

    is there any FREE modeling programmes that can load smd files? if any one no wot i mean can they tell me the programme and the site link plzzzz thx (which isnt milkshape 3d i have used my trail period :()
  12. S

    Model Help Needed ! Smd File Prob

    Hey There, I need some serious help with a model, I am currently in Milkshape with my *.ms3d file, added the skin and now I need to export it, so I can make a mdl model from it... The export doesn't work and gives me the following error: " Found Vertex With Invallid Bone Assignment !" I...
  13. ssj999vegeta

    which editor

    i wanna make my first skin but i dont know which editor to use,my photoshop doesnt do 3d models so thats out, ne1 no werei cn geta good model makin program????????
  14. N

    Why cant i get a modlel into Gmax

    When i go into Gmax i go open go to the models but none come up and if i go all files i cant open anything it comes up with errors why?
  15. freeportpretz22

    Compiling/Decompiling in gmax

    How do you decmopile and compile in gmax? I got a bomberman waiting to be skinned and I cant get it out of gmax! Someone please help me, I'd appreiciate it! :devgrin:War Hamster:devgrin:
  16. -Dark Shadow-


    How do you Export Gmax other things like not p3d cos thats the only one but like 3ds or something? i want to get something into 3ds max 5 :)
  17. D

    Programs to do models

    Please someone say to me what programs i can use to do some models... better it be freeware - show me the link plzz:shocked: Thx a lot o_o
  18. Death The Jedi

    "Found group with no material"

    When I try to export my model, it says "found group with no material." What does that mean, and how can I fix it? **EDIT** Nevermind, I fixed it.
  19. S

    how do i turn a ms3d file in to a mdl file plz help me

    hi peeps i have editoed a model ( because i carnt model to save my life lol) and i dont no how to turn it into a mdl file can any one help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  20. Z

    Making Skins

    where can i get a program that i can make skins in? do i have to be a good painter/drawer to make a good skin?