1. Bryggz

    Gotenks form1/2 models complete, but i gotta problem

    hey guys my models for gotenks are complete (no pics yet, stay in suspense! muahahah! lol...) BUT for some reason every time i try to compile....it freezes mid-way, anybody ever have this problem? if so then help me out!!
  2. U

    My First REmodel

    It is my first model. well how does it look ?? ( i cant make it a mdl file because i don't knoiw how to do so, so if some could tell me?!? ) http://www26.brinkster.com/utrunks/Hiddenpic/ssjchange.jpg or www26.brinkster.com/utrunks/Hiddenpic/ssjchange.jpg or...
  3. F

    Xporting Models

    I just finished my Vegito and he is rdy to go but i dont know how 2 export him
  4. -Dark Shadow-

    how do you make your model a mdl file?

    i have milkshape and have made models and want to test it but i don't know how to turn it into a mdl file anyone PLEASE help!
  5. -Dark Shadow-


    where do you get it from and is it to make models?
  6. Bryggz

    (HELP) Vertex with invalid bone assignment?

    hey guys im gettin this message when im trying to export my model anybody know a solution? i hardly know what this means
  7. A

    Skin editing

    Ok I wanna try Skin editing on the esf models. I have photoshop, and Half life model viewer and I went into half life model veiwer and opened trunks. How do I skin it now? ((Anyone got any tutorials?))
  8. S

    Editing ESF models

    I was hoping sum1 would kindly tell me how to edit the esf models, without flaming me or treating me like an idiot. so if ne1 could help it would be very much appreciated.
  9. Y

    Help with Model ;_;

    ok hi @ all i am new here ^^ and i have a problem i tried to compile an qc file with milkshape and always it say this --> ************ ERROR ************ \esf_vegeto\/./reference.smd doesn't exist can somebody tell me how to fix it?? ;)
  10. J

    Cant find a modeleditor ! plz help !

    I cant find a modeleditor i cant find it wher ever i look after i :cry: PLZ HELP ME !! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  11. D

    i need a little help

    okay i use milkshape and i decompiled the gohan mdl an imported the gohan.cmd and edited and saved but then in game i see no changes so plz help
  12. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape help needed

    If I try to compile my -qc file this appears: ************ ERROR ************ \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Trunks\model\/./reference.smd doesn't exist And if I try to export a smd this appears: Found group with no material! Model not exported! And if I use this one quake tool...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    3ds max help

    ok i just got this program so exactly how do i export this shape into photoshop?
  14. Eclipse

    how to Edit ESF?

    i've seen a lot of new skin being put out for current ESF models....how would i go about making my own? i've never used the HL engine before, so it's new to me, anyone wanna help? or got a link to a nice tut?
  15. S

    how do i...

    ... open my .gmax file in milkshape? cuz: -gmax = .gmax -milkshape = .ms3d help me plz !:talk:
  16. C

    Do you guys think Gmax is any good?

    What do you people think of gmax. If anyone does not know what it is, its a free modeling system based on 3dms. I checked it out and its ok.. What do you guys think? (Do any of you know any tutorials for it?) o_o
  17. owa

    Flash Video Question

    dfkdgvhjslakghldjkfhgjkldahjklhgdjhgjklsjsdhfsdjklhkgjasdhgfklsdjgfsdjkhgsdkfjlhgdsjk Hey, How do you make a flash video. I have Flash 5 and I made it but I can't figure out where to host it. Or am I suppose to save it as a .gif or somthing... please help
  18. S

    where to get a MODEL!!!!!

    hi all i want to work on a model. but where i can get a model to work on it? i searchedo_o in every corner. and now im tired:tired: of all the searching so i thought ill Thread too ask other ppl and now i will w8 for awnser.
  19. M

    Need Help

    Im new to modeling and im using milkshape3d. I saved my model in .ms3d and dont know how to convert it to .mdl Can anyone help????
  20. G

    Milkshape and Gmax

    I only have the free version of GMAX and luckily it won't expire, but my milkshape is going to in lik 9 days or something, please can someone tell me where to get some GMAX tutorials i saw some for 3dstudio max and its not helping AT ALL!! Also if there are no tuts can someone at least tell me...