1. IFlip92

    Fading destruction animation

    Before anyone says anything I know very well destruction is not possible in ESF:Final with few prop xceptions and maybe some sort of decals. This thread is more of a question really. In this video here => Notice the short lived and...
  2. Mkilbride

    Next version of Cinematic mod to feature Red Faction like Destruction in Source! Obviously not that impressive yet, but hey, potential.
  3. EvolutionX

    Destruction Can i have this map Grega?
  4. Zeonix

    Alleged Destruction of Sodom and Gamorrah Demystified?

    I'm sure most of you know about the story of Sodom and Gamorrah and how they was destroyed by "God". These findings don't necessarily mean an asteroid is what destroyed the twin cities (if they even existed), but that seems to be the most reasonable explanation, although I know in my heart of...
  5. H

    body damage skin texture/model and gibs destruction

    does any game like quake 2 have the dmaging feature when the enemy is near dead(like bloody skin and nasty wound on the model). SiN is the only one i know who has the feature like q2. does any other game like quake 2(damage skin plus gibs sprit when you destroy the corpse)?
  6. vinay87

    Planning to buy Lord of Destruction

    So I have the Diablo 2 Box edition, got it as a gift a month ago. I wanted to know if someone can tell me the plus points of me going out and buying the LoD expansion pack. Is it really worth it? Coz from what I see of the Druid and the Assassin, they arent really so impressive, but that might...
  7. Drmt`

    body destruction

    i've seen that the invisible ultimate bots starts blinking when they are low hp.. so it's possible.. Why not to make that when enemy dies from a strong beam the model slowly dissapears and dont drop on the ground.. and some sprite added similar to esf b1.1 teleport sprite would look cool...
  8. Growler


    I think the imprint from being tossed into buildings is a bit weak as of now. I think, depending on the power of the throw and your distance from the building/ground, that the imprint should be revamped. Maybe use the current one for a weak impact... but a huge indent and cracks running up all...
  9. T

    Monkey of destruction suggestion

    In some shotting games I have played there are sometime a helpless monkey to be kill, and the object of the game is to kill it. But of course they can change back and another turns into a monkey. But with my idea, one of the characters turn into the huge monkey in DBZ with the abiltiy to kick...
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    The Destruction of The Taurus

    All in this website url is 3 videos to which we destroyed my friend JEFF's Ford '85 Taurus. We put my friend on the roof, had him fall off... and used axes to punch holes into his muffler to make it louder(no aftermarket muffler here baby!) After a while, which we dont have on tape, is us...
  11. TeKNiK

    Chaotic Destruction Second Venture back into 3d Abstract ^_^ critzorz or commentzors >_>.
  12. S


    comments and crits are welcom as always
  13. D

    "Wing-X" is COMPLETE!

    Can j00 say...1337 PWn4GE!? :D
  14. S

    "The Death of Hamtaro" the life of a hamster

    another picture from my friend
  15. D

    Total destruction

    I was thinking that if the power of a beam is charged to a certain point and the health of the victim is below a certain point the beam should be able to swallow them and continue for a small distance before exploding that way you can have the possibility of hitting mroe than one person. Also...
  16. J

    DBZ: The destruction is real

    A while back I remember reading about a mod called DBZ: TDIR. I don't remember what game it was for, but I do remember that you could go all levels of ssj, be just about any character, and that the gfx sucked hah. I can't find any info on it at all now. I think its for either quake 2 or Jedi...
  17. Naz

    Nessaja's Indy Art

    [Indy] Endurance I'm not done with it, yet, anyone got some suggestions for it + crits? grtz Naz
  18. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art

    I have been hiding in a hole, but I will be producing more art. Stay tuned :D This is Nageki, Nameless_Specter_]v['s playtest character for my RPG.
  19. T

    Self Destruction

    I think it wouldt be cool if somethin like self destruction would be added in the game..... like vegeta does it...... if you dont want to discuss this attack or you dont like then delete the thread thx and sorry for my bad english
  20. L

    Krillins Destruction disc

    I saw Krillin splitting up his destruction disc into (i think it were) ! 8 ! destruction discs when he fought against Frieza (form 2) ! It would be cool, if he could do that in the game! What do you think?