1. Chakra-X

    Sol, a try at a more tonal style of digital painiting

    I enjoy digital paint because of the lack of mess, cost, and convenience of having everything you need on a screen. However, I've done mostly cell shading and not any "realistic" types of shading, so I decided to color in my character Sol in his new design with this style. Inked on paper...
  2. En'me

    Ki Energy Design

    I've been wondering lately, about how Ki energy is percieved, how it should be perceived in games and how it is perceived in anime. One of the many things that I've noticed in the anime, is that, when two charecters fight, they can use melee and energy attacks (beams, blasts, energy balls...
  3. M

    How to Design a Character...

  4. S

    Web design info

    I'm a bit of a nub when it comes to coding and things, but the past month or two I've been learning a little actionscript and I'm in the middle of making a web site with html (since I'm way to nub in flash to make a site that'd be any different from a html site atm). I'm just wondering here...
  5. S

    Melee design and stamina system concept

    Skiwan's ESF Design Doc All value's in this design are estimates and merely here for ease of visualisation, values need to be tested tweaked in real time game for effectiveness and balance. Stamina Some people are against the idea of adding yet another limitation to the game. This is not how...
  6. VideoJinx

    Come advise a spaceship design

    I'm planning on modeling a spaceship and thought it would be nice to see what kind of ship other people here like. I don't plan on copying anyship or anything like that, but I plan on drawing a ship with your ideas added, before modeling it. Feel free to put up pics of all kinds
  7. M

    Article - Detail vs. Design

    This article was written by David Johnston, a mapper on the Counter-Strike team who created the maps "Dust", "Dust 2" and "Cobble". Part 1: Part 2: Source:
  8. R

    3D Design Gaming

    We are a few hand of people looking for more that can help us in designing a game. Here is our forum ~removed not yet finished but a proper site will be launched soon with the new forum as same link. Please post here ure specialization and if u wish to join . Remember : we are not using hl...
  9. Ishuzo Kaisen

    Ishuzo's character design thread

    Decided to create character designs and practice myself on anime proportions n stuff... C&C please... Jutsuke More coming soon...
  10. D

    Is It Me Or Do None Of The Design Document Links Work?

    Whenever I try to click any of the links in the design documents thread. All I get is a "Forbidden" page. I'm pretty sure that this is something to do with me? But I'm wondering, is anyone having or had the same problem? If yes, do you know how to solve it? Thanks Devil Outlaw
  11. M

    Design idea/question

    I started thinking... Instead of making a building or some kind of object entirely out of brushes, would it be better to make a model? This is how I have it thought up in my head right now: Valve Hammer: Use it to make the landscape/terrain, set up the map, make mountains, lakes, rivers...
  12. J-Dude

    A little help with character design?

    Hey! Hate to ask, but I'm in a serious bind here. I've been trying to design my own character (for video, not gaming). I made this drawing of him a while back, put my very best effort into making an accurate DBZ style anime character (he's based off my appearance loosely). But I am terrible at...
  13. kaiz0ku

    Web Design Contest!(?)

    So I thought that some contest about web design would be nice. Only screenshot for layout is enough so you dont have to code it or anything. And the theme would of course ESF. There would be no prize except honour and fame. ^^ So what do you say? o_o EDIT: And sites would be for some ESF...
  14. kenny-DK

    ESF Design Documents HELP!!

    I need help... I cant open the ESF Design Documents, the only one working is the "Buddy Transformations" How do I open the other 6 documents??? help plz!!!
  15. ZeroNightmare


    yea! 56kers beware post something that you would like on a t shirt! my friend gave me the idea for that...
  16. Ravendust

    Sony throws the PS3 controller design...

    ...hopefully it won't come back. Sony have scrapped the PS3 controller design; And are currently in the process of redesigning something new. I put this down to bad public feedback ("it r a boomerang olol") and Nintendo's motion-tracking wand of sexiness. No details on the new design yet...
  17. Grega

    My newest design

    I barely started. Im making this little thing for the r-esf tourny. Since i was asked so kindly to do it ^^ It aint anything special. And ill be trying to keep it as simple as possible. First impressions?
  18. S

    Concern and suggestion regarding design documents

    As I said a certain area of the design documents really concerned me. I'm refering to an area in the second melee document that says: "- Extra melee Involving more mouse movement into simple melee. Right now, to determine a direction, you have anglehit, but this addition will allow you to...
  19. imkongkong

    esf design documents

    i must say... WOW i love some of the stuff there =) the buddy system sounds really cool, the capture the dragonball mode seems much more thought out, i love it. i personally like the second possible advance melee outline though.. any one have any other thoughts...
  20. Ravendust

    Top Secret PS3 Design Revealed

    Finally unveiled at an important press conference in Japan, the PS3's prototype design: Apparently the PS3 will be able to run 8-bit games with ease due to the resonance of the foil coating, whilst the yellow tape reminds gamers to be happy. The duck attachment will be used as part of the...