1. shadowcast

    something crappy from me

    doing this as some practice ;D <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  2. O

    Game Looks Crappy?

    when im playing esf on my computer is looks like.....well crap. Kamehameha doesnt look like a kamehameha, turbo likes like.....not even an aura i mean its just yuck. And on esf-world, the tutorial thingy that the guy teaches you, his attacks, charges, turbos, looks exactly like the show. Does...
  3. Y

    My First Crappy Video Made! Thats the link to download... Enjoy.... I hope... ( :( ) and ( :scared: ) My first Movie Made!!!
  4. Mr. Phonso

    crappy desktop icons

    okay so these ****ty desktop icons just appear from no where and so im like wtf? i try to click on the icons, oh great i cant click on it, cant even right click or move the damm icon ive had these ****ty icons on my desktop for the past 2 days and its pissing me off heres a screen shot...
  5. Kaination

    my crappy comic idea ROFL

    ROFL this IS one ****ty ass drawing i did in LITTERLY 1:42...yes i did time it (thats a minute and 42 seconds for you noobs lol) but here it is. im still getting the main perportions <-- (cant spell) down. Well tell me if anyone could find the thing within the name ;o here it is :D...
  6. jp

    lol some of my crappy doings

    well i say doings... coz its not really art... since its just some simple Freeza drawing with photoshop stuff... So what ya think? good for a beginner or a total crap and waste of time?
  7. jp

    Some crappy GIF movie i made.

    I finally found out how photoshop works! ;D naw i allready knew how that works, but i allways used paint to make GIF movies... kinda silly if you ask me, so i used photoshop, and wow!!! what a great program to make GIF movies... you probably say "use imageready" but i dunno how to use that...
  8. Shuyin

    bored? try this crappy yet amusing javagame Game plays entirely with words, click back now if you don't like games without pictures.. See if you can survive and beat it :p
  9. Kurt`

    kind of a crappy morning

    My grandfather had a stroke + congestive heart failure this morning at about 1am. I did standard first aid procedures, called 911, and he was rushed to the nearest hospital. His speech was slurred (which made me automatically assume he had a stroke), and he couldn't move the left side of...
  10. S

    new sig, crappy but.. yeah

    I know its simple, but i aint exactly a sig maker and i just do it when im bored so dont mind the crappyness, anyway here it is: if the image aint workin go to: and come back, and maybe it'll work >_< Anyway, i just wanna know, should i...
  11. Varleran

    Help with crappy comp? (Freaky Melee)

    Ok, so my buddy's computer is basically Satan. He tells me that the arrows in advanced melee are freaky, but I have no real idea what he's talking about. So he sends me a screenshot of his problem. I see this monster and I'm like HOLY CRAP!!!! Just to let you know, all the settings are on...
  12. D

    Crappy Vegetto skin

    This is...not my Vegetto, but how is the skin?
  13. Shuyin

    Graphic Crappy

    Erm, i have a decent graphics card but in highly graphical games if i move around i notice these lines , especially if i stand near a door and run left and right. I hope someone knows what i mean. What would be the cause of it?
  14. OubliezJe

    My cuz's art work

    What cha think sorry its fuzzy and looks crappy but you still can tell the detail..... (he took it with a camera) AND YES HE DIDDRAW THESE
  15. Volrath

    Problems with fps...

    Hey guys, i'm testing my map, and the fps are 15..30... and in esf_guru is 60... i think have a problem with the map uh? can someone help me? i've edited esf_city map too, but i'm not edited so much, and the fps sUx... why? help me please... (i use the Hammer)
  16. W

    Cell_Sega_gohan+ pic+dl !

    got damn! duds! look i got ssj2gohan model. and i just need u to make me ssj gohan hair ! u see look this is the gohan model pack i made i dont make the models i edit them to 1 pack: here is the dl to edit them for me.
  17. C

    I got a hard map idea.

    Ok i was thinking this, Its a Romm of time and space map, only with bottens on a wall in the building, when you push a botten, the map will change(Not load a new one mind you, but kinda morph) And each botten will change it to something diffrent, like a grass land, the a city, and the...
  18. A

    PiCcOlO MoDeL!!

    Im working a picoclo model for esf. All my other models got whiped out, so I decided to make a piccolo. Heres a pic: :D Critz please. Sorry about the crappy render.
  19. Kreshi

    SSJ2 Gohan

    Hi! Look: What do you think about the model? The head and head skins are by me, the body and body skins are by SS Vegeta and Mastasurf, the Animations are by Darktooth. I am now making a model made complete by me, but i don´t know whether i make new animations, because that...
  20. Moshe Kipod Ham

    New c17 skin

    [team Z] - Zarp gave me the c17 by Logan (sorry for the trouble it's a 100% true - sorry Logan :( His bro lied 2 him)and asked me 2 skin it... result: crits? comments? spam (don't :p )?