1. E

    dbgt model pack

    someone can make a DBGT model pack? like vegeta normal+ssj+ssj4 chibi goku+ssj+ssj4 dbgt trunk+ssj goten+ssj krillin+(whatever) and so one :)
  2. T

    Compiling player sounds(ex. vegeta) to ESF

    ok i made a sound pack but they dont work in game.. how do i compile it so it does?
  3. D

    editing sprites HELP!!!!!!

    I need some help:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I would like to know if there is a way to edit the sprite files in efs and if there is a program required let me know wut it is and where to download it please, if anyone can help me with this i would be very thanxful.:D
  4. MaX

    ss2gohan with battle damaged body *done*

    but i need somone to make it a mdl file cause i dont know how to compile it into a mdl and when i try it errors all time. anway here pic. somone post on here if they can make it a mdl file please. PLEASE... *edit* copy and paste.
  5. Vengaurd

    beam size

    is there a way to modify the size of any given beam? i tried editing the sprite but it did nothing for me... oohhh.... that makes me think of an bout this: remove the ki restrictions on beams so that you dont automaticly fire them, they just keep getting stronger. thats how it...
  6. S

    Compiling Maps for ESF

    When I have compiled a map and I try to play it in ESF, I can't choose it in the list, it isn't there. Can anyone help me??? SSJ-Goku
  7. U

    Big Problem !!!!

    i edited a model now im done but .... When i compile a .qc file ( in milkshape) he loads everything, but every time when he had the last smd file loaded the milkshape program is stuck. ( i also tried to remove the last one but then he gets stuck on the second last one, i have also tried...
  8. MaX

    how do i compile my models?

    how do i compile models in milkshape..?? i wonna make some weapon models for counter strike orsomthing :/.. thx..
  9. S

    2 .mdl ???

    I have "made" a model but I have 2 .mdl !!! modelT.mdl and model.mdl How can I make ONE .mdl ????
  10. Es_Trunks2


    i have a question about Adobe photoshop 7,when i wanna re-skin a model and i get out a simple tool like the air brush,smudge,dodge,blur,stuff like that its got a circle with an X in it instead of a little brush or finger,then when i click i get an error about texture or soemthing,can anyone help me?
  11. S

    Map help!!(again)

    ok when i got to test the map i see the loading screen then i goes to the console...but i get the error: domes/c:\halflife\esf\maps not found on server...its in my esf directory! what do i do? (or did?)
  12. G

    esf_sumpthing ( dont have name yet)

    got some pix up of my new map in progress, comments are welcome :)
  13. G

    Esf_bridge V1

    +- max 6 players a destroyable 'highway' bridge trough desert cliffs its my first map i actually 'released' as mostly i get bored with one half way done get it here : screaaam if i forgot something ..
  14. S

    Compile model

    How do i compile my model
  15. Abhorsen

    How do i make a mdl file

    i made a gohan model and when i go to compile qc file it says that the sequence.smd cannot be found. what iam i doing wrong?
  16. -Dark Shadow-


    where do you get it from and is it to make models?
  17. L

    Some questions about beta 1

    Hi... don't think this is some kind of n00b-post... it isn't (so do I hope ;) ) I've just tested the beta 1 and I love this mod. Cause I'm mapping since 3 years, I thought why not make a map for esf ? The first striking thing I found ist that the player size is really small (about 16...
  18. D

    help plzz i am in critical need of help

    ok i made my map and it is finished bu now i wanna know how to make it a bsp ex tournement.bsp i cant play the map i need help quickly
  19. Y

    Help with Model ;_;

    ok hi @ all i am new here ^^ and i have a problem i tried to compile an qc file with milkshape and always it say this --> ************ ERROR ************ \esf_vegeto\/./reference.smd doesn't exist can somebody tell me how to fix it?? ;)
  20. DragonDude

    Mapping Size Limit?

    I have recently noticed that on Valve Hammer Editor, there is a limit as to how big maps can be. A bunch of my friends and I are currently working on a project of making a Half-Life map of our high school, and I need to know if there is any way at all that I can make the map bigger than the...