1. Mr. Satans

    Batch Compile Set-Up

    For those of you who compile maps via a batch file, here is a VERY good setup for a good compile. > hulls.txt hlcsg.exe -hullfile hulls.txt -nowadtextures "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName" -wadautodetect -estimate -high %1 hlbsp.exe -estimate -high %1 "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName"...
  2. {Cx2}Orca

    Some1 knows how to compile......

    Is here someone who knows how to compile a c++ source for Linux under windows ? Output should be a *.so File.
  3. B

    please need help sont delete this

    i made an new smd file for vegeta i replece it with the orignl and nothing seems to happen what do i need to do to see my model????:cry: :cry:
  4. M

    How to compile ESF models to beta 1.1

    I read in your forum that it would only take 2 minutes to compile beta 1 models for beta 1.1 models so please tell me how to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please dont close this thread !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I

    1.0 models need to be reanimated for 1.1

    Yes, its true, basically you need to reanimate your 1.0 models or it'll look aucward. I've replaced all the models in 1.1 with the 1.0 i downloaded and they all have aucward animations
  6. S

    how do i sort attachments out one the bones of models??

    hi i have almost complited my kid buu edit but when itry and compile him it says: ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' now how i change this from happening?? i have tryed editing the qc file didnt work i tryed making a little box and adding it to the...
  7. N

    Compiling Models in Ms3d

    Ok i know exactly what to do im working on a gohan edit and my buu model :) ok heres my problem i go to generate the qc thats fine now compiling it is what im having probs with. When i compile it it says :error: Cannot find /sequence.smd Something along those lines It would help...
  8. I

    How do i open mdls in gmax?!

    This is entirly annoying. This gmax this looks good, reminds me of fightermaker2. But how in gods name do you work it?!?! The turorial doesn't work, the links for help are crap, All i want to know is how do you import mdl files into gmax and i'll be satisfied and delete this thread if you want...
  9. S

    do you know a easier program?

    does someone knows a easier program than milkshape3d? please write name and site
  10. G

    3D max import-export

    Where can i get plugin for 3D max import-export MDL format or same but for Gmax. :confused: Plizzzzzzzz help.
  11. S

    can any one help me with a bone problem for my model??

    it keeps saying this every time i go to compile my model ow wrong? ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Rhand Pointer2' can any one help?? thx
  12. E

    new map on the way - hen_unforgiven

    my newest map is near completion. i've just got to test it a bit more and get sum good pics. then i will try and put it on rs, like my last 1 then. but anyways brief desription: its generally a gloomy map (hence title so don't complain to me). there's a half-ruined sorta building thing...
  13. MaX

    i get this error when i compile ESF Models

    \/18.smd not found. where it shows the stuff its compiling ya know. :( and it only happens on ESF models. please help me.:cry: and it stops the compile...
  14. Z

    need a compiler/ animator

    hy i need some 2 who can compile my models into a q2 model and i need some 1 who can animate m dont ask for pics cous i wil give them when the game is releast
  15. U

    Help with compiling

    I got my reskin and my new hair, the model and a skeleton, i have the animations that were used on that model but now when i want to compile everything it first loads and then suddenly my MilkShape just drops :confused: What did i do wrong?? or can somebody tell me just what to do to get a...
  16. Vengaurd

    problem with edge of level

    how do i make it so that when you fly to the edge of the level you do not fall into the skybox? in other words, how do i get that invisable wall around the level?
  17. Vashusa

    can anyone help me in mapping

    can anyone tell me a way to see a alredy finished map in Valve Hmmer Editor. I need a;ll the help i can get( nooby mapper). i dont reall have the hang of mapping yet
  18. E

    problems with compile

    i've got 2 questions here: why does the compile destroy my beautiful mountain by causing all the terrain blocks to change shape and create holes in the map? and is there a way to prevent this? u see in hammer editor, the map is nice smooth with no holes. it compiles fine but in game, the...
  19. S

    Modeling help!

    how do i make a head and body ect cause i tried using Vertex but it wont show the body it just shows a flat shade off thing and plus it dosent look like body(its just me :cry: ) so can anyone help
  20. grOOvy


    A very simple hugr map, IDEAL and PERFECT for: 1.) 1on1 Duels 2.) Training 3.) Tournament Download: *Taking screenies now to post up here*