1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Raditz - The untold story

    seriously if you are interested let me know i got a massive story lined up. don't mind the basic drawings. its the style i'm using. should i keep going? Uploaded with
  2. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Weekly ESF Comic Week 1

    Uploaded with let me know if you like if so, ill make more
  3. Spunky

    Comic Books

    Anybody read comics? I didn't until about a week ago. I was thinking about going to see Kick-Ass but wasn't sure, so I read the comic to sort of preview it before I went. I ended up reading the whole thing. The only comic I'd really read before that was Watchmen. In the past week I've found a...
  4. hleV

    hleV's ESF Comic

    What do you think? Do you like the ESF comic idea?
  5. V

    Dragon Ball Multiverse (fan's comic)

    Hi By chance I found this fan made DBZ comic it's really cool maybe it have some weird ideas but it's cool and drawn very well there is about 3 or 4 gokus :shocked:
  6. The Deco

    Comic super heroes vs The earth special forces (characters, not game)

    Who would you think will have the best chance of a overall win as a tag team fight, comics super heroes or the ESF? lets call the Comics Super Heroes CSH, ok? From the CSH: who will have the best chance against someone from the ESF? From the ESF: who will have the best chance against...
  7. Gama

    Funny F.E.A.R comic (56k Warning)

    So I was browsing the net just reading about F.E.A.R storyline no reason why but then i came across this pretty funny comic. Some may have read it but meh: Ok here is the whole of the F.E.A.R story in one comic! irst all the soilders enter this crazy corridoor facility, to check there...
  8. imkongkong

    Funny picture comic thread

    one comic per post pls!
  9. bapplebo

    Test HL2 comic. (56k warning)

    Was terribly bored, and I dunno if this goes in art or offtopic... (shurg). C&C please. Also, its kinda random, but its a test O.O.
  10. .Maze

    Half-Life 2 Garry Mod Comic Strips

    Hi On that Forum they made Comic Strips of the Endless Vending Machine. So i thought maybe some of you could make this too.(im getting HL2 this week.) SO let the Endless Vending Machine Comics roll
  11. F

    The great untitled comic.

    Starting a comic, I want people to vote if it's worth a damn or not, so I can continue if it is. Also, I need a name. So post ideas here!
  12. F

    Puppetpal Z Season 2 Comic 1

    Hello everyone, I have brought back Puppetpal Z. I have gotten permission yet again from Cold Steel. Artwork belongs to Cold Steel, Copywrite 2005 Dragonball Z belongs to FunIma. Puppetpal Z, Season 2, Comic 1 I am sorry if it isn't funny, I am very tired right now. I would like...
  13. Kaination

    Comic i made (LOLOL)

    supposed to be funny For you idiots who dont know, its supposed to be fairly odd parents. Dont judge the drawings, just tell me if its funny or not. (i did it in 5 minutes on flash)
  14. Kaination

    my crappy comic idea ROFL

    ROFL this IS one ****ty ass drawing i did in LITTERLY 1:42...yes i did time it (thats a minute and 42 seconds for you noobs lol) but here it is. im still getting the main perportions <-- (cant spell) down. Well tell me if anyone could find the thing within the name ;o here it is :D...
  15. Hyper Chi Aura

    ESF comic

    Super Saiyan Comic I ain't bashin' the game or nethin, I just thought I had to make fun of this. If this has happeend to you, you know what I mean.
  16. lust

    Doom 3 Comic

    I'm goina post most of the pages so sorry dial up people
  17. Linda

    opm------yay (old) comic page!!!!

    opm------CLICK FOR FFX WIP!!!! ummm.... i didnt know wat else to put up cuz technically i dont do much graphix cept for really simple stuff cuz i got bored of fiddling with the effects in PS, so heres an old cg i did last month. at least i think it was last month it looks totally diff from...
  18. Z

    the new tmnt comic

    hi im surchingfor the new tmnt comics from the new tv show dous anny one have a link to it ?
  19. warboy

    my comic holo craz to darksun plz make a copy and call it destructodisk
  20. NeLo

    Comic Strip

    Yo fellas. I had a project for English that i had to draw a comic strip and make it kinda like a story board or something. Anyway, since im all into Penny Arcade i thought well hell imma make a PA Comic. So yes this is all hand drawn and no ref pics except 2 parts. But the rest is hand drawn and...