1. Optimus Prime

    GTA: Liberty City Stories to come to PS2

    Kind of nice, that I won't have to wait for GTA: 4 for the next slice of the GTA pie. Thoughts?
  2. Ravendust

    Sin City: The Game

    Well, until the PS2 thing anyway; I'm finding it very addictive right now, like modern-day Galaga except with Frank Miller badassery. Give it a shot. My best is 168 kills with 86% accuracy.
  3. Z

    modeling konoha city

    ey everyone i wanted to start modeling some buildings and i wanted to ask you guys to give me some refferance pictures of the folowing places, i cant find to many not even with google :( hokage building ninja academy hattori clan ruins naruto's house akimichi clan nara clan konoha PD...
  4. TehMuffinMan

    City of Villains

    Recently ive tired of WOW and i need a break. City of heroes was really fun and i only left it for WOW because i didnt like the whole do-gooder shizzle. COV wipes the floor with it easly, decent pvp, cool missions and best of all, you get to build a secret base for your fellow minions and then...
  5. Suh Dude

    Sin City

    Not sure if you guys saw it, but I was amazed by the film effects. I like how they did the black theme, and the bright bold colors on the people. Not sure if there was a story, but I think it was 4 storys put into one. If you're young and don't like any thing that contains anything w/prositutes...
  6. G

    Sin City

    "John Hartigan: I'm looking for Nancy Callahan? Shellie: Eyes to the stage pilgrim, she's just warming up." Looking to be a cult classic. Really suprised that there isn't already a tread about this movie. Walk down the right back-alley in Sin City and you can find anything...
  7. Kaination

    City of Heroes demo?!

    Damnit I can't find a City of Heroes demo (like a demo of the game). If anyone can help that'd be appreciated. Only reason I want a demo is because I want to buy the game, but I want to know what kind of game I'm going to get myself into, like if I'm going to like it or not. Please help!
  8. G

    City Of Heroes

    I was just wondering how many of you play city of heroes and what your char names are...Levels...Etc. Be cool to see some of you online.
  9. Saiga

    Adversity City

    Before anyone mentions, I am fully aware that this isn't a stunning piece of artwork, it's not made to be pretty. The theme is for the fight against guns, it's known that there's been merciless and pointless killing throughout the world... even kids taking guns into schools. This picture which I...
  10. dudeman

    about that vice city crack

    i see that post was closed because its warez.. allow me to point out that no-cd fixed EXE's are NOT warez, you are allowed to have em as long as you own a legal copy of the original game. off course, we all know what people really use em for, but its not nessesari to close the threads on...
  11. N

    mega city WIP

    it's mega city in matrix code form :cool: . here you have some pic's. here you have the lobby
  12. TimTheEnchantor

    Night Shot(s) In the City

    PLEASE *READ*: I know some of these have flaws in them, I already know. These are STRAIGHT off my camera. So probably whatever you say, I already know. Like the alleyway and the car in the first picture. They need to be cropped out or gotten rid of. The guy in the last picture who is standing...
  13. Enix

    Funny City, Town And Street Names

    Post some funny city, town or street names. I was goin down the street today and saw a street called "a street". lol, now i wonder if a mailman would go crazy over that.
  14. Gears

    South City

    I don't know if this is done before (but cannot be found on nor anyways) Can somebody do a South City map? With those dome shaped houses and "buildings of the future" around the city...I'll find some ref pics later...
  15. SailorAlea

    City of Heroes

    Hey guys. I was wondering, how many of you will be playing or trying out, City of Heroes? You can get into the Beta (which starts the 23rd, I believe) by buying the 10$ pre-order box. It comes with a 10$ coupon for the retail version of the game, to be released on April 28th, I think? There...
  16. S

    City of Heros?

    has anyone heard of this game? looks pretty sweet, you design ur own superhero with powers you want and its a massive online RPG...... well yeah, it looks awesome, i hope my pc will handle it :p
  17. nemecj05

    the new clan city......

    ok, first off im going to apologize for taking those buildings from ape city, i assure you i talked to ape bio and the ape clan and sorted it all out.....second of all i remade the map and heres a pic of what i got so far!! lol sorry ill go get one i had to fix somethin
  18. spyke03

    west city???

    i was just wondering if there is a west city map or if someone can create one??? :)
  19. owa

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Help

    Hey, I got a PS2 plus this game and Code Veronica X on the weekend and I've been playing it nonstop, anywho I'm on Deathrow mission where you save Lance Vance, well I just can't beat it, I tried everything, anyoen got some tips for me? or maybe tips for missiosn yet to come.
  20. owa

    Gta: Vice City, Run Down.

    Hey, I'm slightly depressed lol, I just spent 2 hours, plus Defragmenting time, Trying to clean up my computer and get rid of all my junk, so I could play games again, my comp is really messed up. But I tried to play Starcraft a min ago and it died out on me, so my efforts were in vain...