1. Kuyuaga

    Anyone got vice city yet?

    Long time no post....erm..yeah...I was just wondering if any of the american members on this board have the latest GTA game. Is it any good? or is it just the same as GTA 3?
  2. L

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

    I dunno if anyone else is getting this game but i'm litterally can't F**king wait. I've bene following this since E3 and my god it just seems to get betters and better and better. For those who are looking to check out some more check out then go to there movies section just...
  3. E

    Tester's favorite maps

    Just wondering what are the tester's favorite maps for beta 1 so far? You can describe it if you want, but the name would be fine. The favorites will be the first maps I try when the beta comes out.
  4. Hsu

    Vice City!!! GO NOW!! INGAME MOVIES!!!! MOTORCYCLES!!!!!! BRAIN OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. dudeman


    hya all!!! yesterday SPiN released the map i finished 3 days ago.. see it at
  6. S

    Who Wants Maps??

    Who wants map!!? Go visit Red Saiyan Mod Resources Here a list of the maps i got on site DBZ City DBZ Earth D_6969 mappack -D_city -D_otherwordl -Space Grand kia Arena Stadium Stribb's Budouki Swiss Cheese City Astroid Belt Cellgames DBZ Cell DBZ Map...
  7. S

    I'm in awe of you Vassago

    Vassago I am in awe of your modeling/skinning abilities. Also is there any chance the next release will be coming soon? I know it's tough work and I'm not trying to rush everyone just curious... well that's it. :\ I just wish I could model. Visit my homepage:p
  8. K

    Pepper City, Breaking bits off

    Could you guys make it so that in pepper city you could blow some of the parts off with you attacks, i think it would be so much more like DBZ if the attacks you did, did damge to the things when u miss (or when u don't :P). You could do a little every update till it gets to a point where you...
  9. SierraSonic

    Pepper City's Heaven

    If you goto one of the corner's in peppercity and keep flying up youll eventually goto a place with a land form so u can walk in the air. Try it, its fun.
  10. Guerilla

    eS_City << for the es mod

    heres a pic of my map so far in WORLDCRAFT, NOT ingame! tell me what you guys think
  11. T


    hmm, the pic looks good.. but i think there have 2 be some open spots in the city.. where else would you be able 2 fire your kamehameha/finalflash attacks.. you can't shoot such an attack in a small road between 2 skyscrapers... you will never hit someone.. :S