1. Volrath

    Please someone help me

    i'm making a map, but i need the textures of esf_city, and i can't load it from Hammer, someone please help me and send the textures for me by icq = 128825263 or email or post a download link here please please please!
  2. C

    Sim City fans Rejoice

    My good bud from London e-mailed me a few days ago. He knows I am a huge Sim City fan so he told me this. Sim City moving to the PS2 BABY!! They are making a Sim City for the ps2 its gonna be called Sim City (DUH). He said they are going to use the sim city 4 engine or even better. But the...
  3. E

    Does nybody know where i can find a good city map

    well i want a good city map i already have the redsaiyan city map and the default one that comes with esf but i just love city maps i dont know if any of u seen a spiderman commercial on mtv how its gonna be a new show but if uve seen the commercial hes in a city i want a map thats like that or...
  4. E

    New Layout, what ya think?

    Hey guys, Ive been kinda busy, but yesterday I whipped up this new design, what do you guys think?
  5. JDeezNutz

    babedi saga map

    did anyone actually get round to finishing of the babedi saga with the levels going down and stuff because it would seem like a good map, thanks
  6. Sonic the Vampire

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    I just got this thing a couple of days ago and I'm 50 percent finished with it already... not to say that it wont take me weeks to get it up to 100% or anything, with so many hidden and bonus missions to deal with. Talk about replay value! This is the best game I've spent my money on in a...
  7. catfish

    THink i found a little bug in esf_city

    Ther eis a building in esf_city... it is just near a spawn point that is on top of a medium-height building. The building *NEXT* to the building with the spawn point on top of it, has got like a hole taken out of it. This is not the bug. If you fly above that building with the hole (it's...
  8. E

    New City Map

    Is it possible to make a City map so when you are melee'd right and you hit a building you go through it?
  9. E


    Alright let me help clarify this for you .... First off Smith is not absolete, he is an evolved agent who is free of the control he was under. When Neo tried to destroy him in the first movie, The Matrix somehow mixed a bit of them together which brought about the upgrade for smith. He now...
  10. H

    Saiyan City server admins word please.

    Howdy, you know me as a regular on your excellent servers, but today there was a tad of a problem. There was a guy named [NC]Elite-Messed and another fella by the name of [:::A.D:::}*Duo {ssj3} they both rule broke. 1. They killed me using SHIELD ATTACK (duo) while I was transforming. 2. After...
  11. Marauder

    City:power of bryce

    well, ive been getting alot of **** from ppl saying that my work is only rendom and ugly... well,they are probaly saying it cause they have something against me...i dont really care -_- anyway...just to show u the power of bryce and the fact that i DONT just make random i made...
  12. Baaja


    Where can i find the Building textures that are on the esf_city map
  13. K

    a few ideas, beampush, finger laser 2 block, city holes to shoot, scout height meter

    well i wanna make some suggestions for future versions of ESF, plz comment if it sux 1 a beam that pushes someone away (like trunks uses to push vegeta in the imperfect cell saga), the pushed away person flies like hit from a melee (that fast) (give this to trunks) 2 on the scouter a...
  14. Jimesu_Evil

    Destroyable city

    If I knew how to map, I would make this map myself. Here's the idea: A city made entirely of destroyable entities. It would be cool to be able to level an entire city to nothing but rubble! I don't know if it's possible, but I think it is (make the buildings out of glass or something). I...
  15. G


    yo man they should have a carnival way like a lil city and a ferris wheel merry go round like in history of trunks that all and like some distance away u should have the moutain side all around and some lakes or a lil pound something hell watch the history of trunks and write down details to it...
  16. F

    Get Rid Of Rosat!!!

    No Offense if the guy who made this map reads this. But rosat is the worst map to be made. Yet it is played on every dam server. i never play on normal servers because rosat is always played, and when the map changes 2 mins later its loaded back up. It has more bugs than god knows...
  17. X

    My Skin Site... Sorta...

    Well incase most of you have not noticed. I have uploaded work from both me and Shijing onto my clan site. At first I was thinking of adding work from members in the clan only but with permission from others I would like to upload their models onto mine.
  18. B

    good enough?

    look at sig, what you think?
  19. E


    okay check dis ideA out u guys ever seen the brolli movie? well you should make a desterted city like they ya i know they have a city map but if u could make like the building break and crack and fall apart and **** so when ur meeled into it u dont just bounce of like u would in the other lvls...
  20. Optimus Prime

    I just bought vice city!

    I bought it on my break at work, took a little walk to Microplay to pick up a copy, and I just got home too, so I'm excited yea yea! *edit* Wow, this game was everything it was cracked up to be! I mean, the cars, the bikes! the GOLF CARTS! I love it, the mini RC helicopter, it's all just too...