1. C

    Charging Thing.

    Players keep charging me and killing me while knocking me over and over and over again. This is stupid, how do i defeat that stupid charging and knock over? I hate it :( And im new to the game so i dont like being killed by some unstoppable (for me) attack that takes down 80% of my hp...
  2. hleV

    Electric Sparks only with Turbo On or Charging

    In anime Electric Sparks of SSJ2 and above show up only when Turbo is on. It seems so in manga too. So maybe in ESF it should be that even if you're SSJ2 or SSJ3, the Electric Sparks show up only when you have Turbo on or charging Ki.
  3. Bardock1132


    in esf open beta is goku supposed to be flying sideways and charging sideways its annoying and his head is outside of his aura hmm ---------- Post added at 08:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:40 AM ---------- oh and wheres my cookie from phil? ;( i cant find it
  4. Prozac

    ESF Open Beta 9/9/07 - ( charging ) Swoop length

    we all know swoop works like this you hit shift, charge, then press the direction you want to swoop too. and from my point of view, you "beef up" your power to swoop a long distance. ( please correct me if I'm wrong ) but that doesn't translate to the game at all! because if you hit...
  5. S

    Wireless Charging - Only $49 Heh, that's pretty neat.
  6. Smith

    Wireless Charging - Only $49 Heh, that's pretty neat.
  7. Zeonix

    Charging your Pl Thing

    Would probably be worth using if it didn't drop so damn fast. That's my suggestion. Slow down the pl decrease. Yep.
  8. ssj2goku

    attack & charging sprites

    how do you change them in code? i've tried it already with a tutorial i found, but it didnt worked --- nobody knows this? or is it secret code?
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Turbo while charging ki

    Yea, i noticed how when you ar ein turbo, thne you stop to charge ki it turns off the turbo. Well if you are using turbo.. and you hold down e to charge, if you just press T again turbo comes on while your charging and stays on. Dont know if its a bug but eh, whatever.
  10. E

    Charging Attacks while Swooping

    In movie 13, (as an example), Gohan is swooping around to avoid Hirudegarn, and charges a Ki ball, then throws it at Hirudegarn. He does this once or twice. Do you think you could maybe add this feature in to 1.3?
  11. DracoHeart

    Charging aura and animation

    Right now, the currently *charging aura* we are using looks something like those dots moving up the character. I suggest that the *charging aura should look something like turbo aura. When SSJ2 is in, the charging aura should look something like this. When the character is charging in...
  12. I

    Powerup During Charging

    Hi There Is it possable to make it when you're charging and powerup at the same time. Also can this work on struggles like when beam struggles. Because then you give it as much power as you need. Then i thought that last forever if the PLs are the same. How bout extra stuggles like when you...
  13. E

    You should be able to see vegeta charging his big bang

    Much like you can see goku/vegeta charge their other beams. It would look cool imo to see the big bang attack charge in the palm of his hand growing bigger and bigger. This also goes for trunk's attack. (I forget the name)
  14. imkongkong

    charging bar

    i found in advanced melee when i initiated the charging bar for combos to be a certain speed. that speed allows me to do 2 combos at the most. when i let 5 prepunches go, i have this very very slow charging bar allowing me to pull of 3 or even 4 combos. I dont think it's reasonable for...
  15. N

    realistic beam charging

    i dbz when someone charge a beam, the pl rises so the beam is stronger. even without turbo they can shoot a strong beam/bomb with a lot of pl. the way: when you charge a beam, the pl rises 1/5 of your normal pl. when you cancel the attck, your pl will then be normal and like optimus said...
  16. U

    some ideas for when charging a final attack

    well this is my idea. when you charge a Powerful beam or attack there should be some music for that. and people can hear your about to kill or charge an attack sort of like cells kamaha but last longer... lol please reply bout it
  17. S

    Charging up attacks while wall jumping?

    Ive seen the wall jumping WIP movies, will you be able to charge up attacks or anything like that while walljumping? I doubt it, but Im just wondering :)
  18. S

    Teleporting While Charging Up an Attack

    We should be able to teleport while Charging up an attack.
  19. P

    Teleporting While Charging Beam

    Well I noticed on some steam server while charging up a beam, I was able to teleport with Goku. It was awesome, i got to charge up a beam and teleport right infront of someone and suicidaly fire the beam. I was wondering if Goku is the only charcacter that can do this because it didn't work...
  20. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Charging up

    When you are charging up, there are small stones floating up from the ground (which look marvellous, by the way). When you stop charging, these fall down to the ground again and after a short period of time they disappear. Now here's my idea: Since it looks kind of cheap if they all just...