1. Greenberet

    modifying special beam cannon & spirit bomb

    I think it would be cool if we modifiy these a little bit. sbc it flies through the player and does damage instead of explode, so it would be more dbz like spirit bomb if someone charges a big spirit bomb, teammates should be able to shoot beams at it to make the spirit bomb stronger.(...
  2. ~Dark Trunks~

    finishbuster is buster cannon O_o?

    ok here i go again lol. now ive been watchin the series, playin budokai and esf alot more lately and ive noticed that finishbuster isnt really finishbuster. i kno these are bad examples but let me make my point. we all kno trunks attacks werent given any names till budokai came out really...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Special Beam Cannon and Kameha, Adjustments

    Ok. I made a room the other day. Started playing and i was like hmm, i'llg et piccolo for a bit. I played for liek 10 minutes just using sbc.... Within 10 minutes i had 70 something kills with 5 people in the room. I was using sbc. Things i noticed, it charges very fast, *its...
  4. Diablos

    Ion Cannon

    I FINALLY came up with a pose i like for this dude. I've been trying to draw him since the weapon in the picture (ion cannon) was concepted almost 6 months ago, so you could say i "borrowed" the weapon/idea from the hl2 mod i'm working for :laff:. This took about an hour from start to...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Rework Special Beam Cannon

    I dont exactly like how special beam cannon works. Its like... a non channeled moving kameha thing. It can kill you in one hit and has descent splash. I think it should be more like a strong piercing laser attack, sort of like a disc. Not a one hit kill, but really high damage, maybe one...
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Redo Special Beam Cannon.....

    i dont think i'm the only one who thinks this, but the way its colored is just wierd... i think it would be neat if it was just like a normal beaam but green and coiled around.
  7. Turles

    error with special beam cannon

    whenever i or someone else in the same server as me uses special beam cannon esf closes itself and i get an error message that says... Cache wad indexed before load decals.wad: 23552 any idea on what to do, or if there is a patch to fix it?
  8. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Trunks fart cannon???

    Trunks fart cannon wath the heck does it do???leaves a mass of toxic gas in the area that drain's yar life???OO...I know...when u push 2Xspace bar instead of swoopying up he fart's hes way up :D
  9. I

    Special Beam Cannon Can Go Through People

    Just add it so you can use primary and secondary attacks! Thanks
  10. F

    picollo's special beam cannon and goku's spirit bomb...

    i think that the special beam cannon(sbc) move cant be blocked,if two or more enemyes r in the same line,sbc should damage them all...the first enemy shoul get max damage,the second should get some handicap on the damage,the third should get less damage than the second one and so on...the move...
  11. Phatslugga

    Special Beam Cannon chop

    Oh my dear god.... I looked around to see if this was pointed out yet, but it doesn't look like it. Normally I get 70-80 FPS pretty much all the time when I play, however, I was in a server the other day with a few piccolos and cells. They were spamming the SBC, which doesn't bother me, until I...
  12. MopageBoy

    Special beam Cannon

    I don't know about anyone else but i hate it when piccolo or cell fires a beam cannon and you get into a power struggle and he can move away and attack you from another direction. its not like the show because he would have to stand there to have a power struggle. but mostly i think it looks...
  13. esf-w | Max2

    Special Beam Cannon Sprite

    hey what do u think about it ? :rolleyes: I know isnt the best but... ^^ Trail Pic 2 Animated Charge ^^
  14. D

    Specail Beam Cannon v 1.0

    my new sprite right now it isnt animated but i may release a version that is so it looks like the beams are pulsating
  15. S

    Special Beam Cannon = Railgun?

    Just like when Piccolo used for the first time, it was able to go right through Goku and Radditz just like a Railgun would (Eraser, Quake2/3), could this be implemented into the game so it goes through people instead of exploding? (plus you would get the added bonus of hitting anyone stupid...
  16. Goten-son

    piccolos special beam cannon

    well in the show he always stands still and uses and can not move, yet in ESF i notice someone can shoot one then more (even in a PS) and keep shooting more, my suggestion is to make it so he stays still and doesnt move.
  17. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Special Beam Cannon

    I know this has been suggested lots of times, but it still isn't changed. I think - and as far as I know this was already decided - that the SBC should not be explosive (and it should not be reflectable either. If blocked it should just disappear. Would me more like the shows...)
  18. {SSJ}Master

    Special Beam Cannon!

    NOOOOoO, I LOVE SBC, YOU CAN'T ATTACH IT!! This is criminal, sbc is the best when it is unattached, will you be able to conrole it after you have fired it in 1.2? I know there have been about 99x10 to the power of 999999 posts on sbc, but plz, this is something which needs to be adressed, if...
  19. B0Bmaster40000

    Special Beam Cannon

    ive made a replacement sprite and model for the special beam cannon, so the head is a warhead, and the trail is just smoke. it looks pretty cool (and funny, cause the nuke is friggin huge), except that the model is transparent. Is there a way to change the transparency of the sbc head model? or...
  20. Amayirot Akago

    Special Beam Cannon

    I think the Special Beam Cannon needs some changing. Piccolo/Cell should say "Special Beam Cannon" while charging, and when he fires "FIRE!". How about it? :fight: