1. gerald324

    Esf 1.3 character selection bug Without Names How tO fix it?

    Guys Help Me please,.......
  2. Gabriel

    Steam bug?

    I have Steam and Windows 7 and I could see the Steam Icon in my taskbar before and after I installed ESF I see the ESF Icon instead the Steam Icon for Steam. Is this fixable?
  3. E

    Freeza finger beam BUG!

    When with Freeza, I shot finger beam in esf_budokai, on ground, then I can't jump, only fly, when I press E, then i can jump.
  4. DeMons

    Half-Life WTF? bug? STEAM

    Help me ... I install the Game/// but now bug ? :( http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/851/screenshot001lm.jpg/
  5. Darkraid

    Beam vs. Q (Block) Bug

    Someone was firing a beam and I blocked it, he pushed me into a rock but I wasn't losing HP. By mistake I pressed E (to recharge my Ki) and I could move. The player who fired the beam couldn't 'cause for him he still was in combat and I couldn't attack him. I also died or went in combat with...
  6. Darkraid

    Dragon Fist Bug

    Well first I want to tell you that I don't know if Dragon Fist is from ESF or from ECX. I'm sorry if it's not from ESF. When I was in combat with someone, my teammate used Dragon Fist and killed him. Because of that I was glued to the opponent 'til I used Kamehameha so I could stay in one...
  7. S

    esf_lookout bug

    Just thought i'd show this, idk wether or not anyone's noticed before. But, while on the lookout map on 1.3, if your goku and your charging a small spirit bomb, this happens And when you release, everything goes back to normal.
  8. M

    BUG - ESF 1.3 Open Beta

    Can someone help me with this bug? Or just give me a hint of what to do? Help me.
  9. Nemix

    Forum Bug ?

    I see this on top of the page $gperm = convert_bits_to_array($vbulletin->userinfo['permissions']['gcbos_permissions'], $vbulletin->bf_ugp_gcbos_permissions); //User has permission to view the shoutbox if ($gperm['can_view']) { global $style; global $vbulletin; //THe embed code is on the page...
  10. H

    ESF 1.3 Hud bug?

    It happens if i select on OpenGl mode. If i switches to Software Video mod, the hud displays normal, but if i press the power up button the game crashes
  11. G

    models bug for 1.3 PLEASE HELP!

    i fixed the bug that said recoome.mdl or wat ever, but now it says the same thing except with pcell.mdl please help me. i have esf openbeta final 1.3 thats what the Download was called
  12. Painkiller

    Warcraft III bug

    A friend of mine has this bug... 1.He launches warcraft 2.He plays for a while 3.His PC turns off... WTF?
  13. Painkiller

    [Old PotW] [POTW] ESF 1.2.x Blob Bug

    :) Comments
  14. DaFeLa

    ESF lan ? bug ?

    ok here is my problem i want to play with my friend (privat) i open my console and type his ip but when its finishing with connecting it appears this one: lan server are restrictec class c or something what should we do to fiy this problem ? THX P.s we used the same version 1.2.3
  15. EvolutionX

    ESF 1.2.3 Bug!!!

    I found bug in esf 1.2.3 in beam strugle! When you strugling and then press Z (if you had the powerlevel to transform) it will transform during beam strugle!
  16. Painkiller


    Dudes, I can't type... it's saying "Message..." and I click on it but it's like I'm not clicking it.. -.- In other words I CAN'T TYPE ;S Here's a pic http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/9097/cfsadm.png Oh.. it's ok now thx :3
  17. V

    Amxx Evm 1.8.1 Help

    Welcome to amxx needed help to the standard EVM to EVM amxx version is 1.6.0 and I'm not mistaken I want to change to the newest 1.8.1 because it contains a big old mistakes and August can not upload new plugins such as throwing the EvolutionX.amxx Version 1.8.1 is not working properly Teleport...
  18. V

    ESF 1.2.3 EVM Special Bug Help

    Total Hi I have a problem grams per Appendix EVM may surprise you that I like but more than ECX 3 I do not operate special I do not know what miracle was always good and now it's not receiving HP Genocide (Special 2 [Cooldown: 180sec]) Ultimate Sacrifice "(Special 1 [Cooldown: 180sec])...
  19. Flink_Power

    Cell Bug Open Beta 1.3

    What's is this bug in the ESF 1.3 Open Beta? It's a animations bug?:
  20. Damaera

    test for guyrider!