1. Darkraid

    Beam vs. Q (Block) Bug

    Someone was firing a beam and I blocked it, he pushed me into a rock but I wasn't losing HP. By mistake I pressed E (to recharge my Ki) and I could move. The player who fired the beam couldn't 'cause for him he still was in combat and I couldn't attack him. I also died or went in combat with...
  2. Mk4

    Beam alignment and Area of effect block damage

    2 questions :fight: 1.In older version Beam struggles would cause beams to clash wherever they clashed. In the new version will the beams align when they clash so that the loser in the power struggle will get a direct beam hit? 2.Will it be able to block area of effect damage in the new...
  3. hleV

    Multiple Block Struggle

    Since there is multiple PS, why not add multiple BS (also with a CVAR)? When one player is in BS, you can help him to reflect the beam by being next to him and blocking. The max players in BS should depend on how big the beam head is.
  4. D

    Block Suggestion

    what im suggesting has a couple of ways it could be implemented and quite a few features that could be put into it.. im suggesting two types of block. the physical block, which we have now, and the "parry block". keep in mind that, alternately, the parry block can replace the block. Parry...
  5. H

    Block main menu (chosing teams menu)

    Is there any way of blocking the main menu, when people chose the team and the character ?
  6. The Deco

    Block struggle marks

    You do see the feet block struggle marks but only in some angles, this should be fixed. (if you didn't understand what I meant, I mean when you block beam and you BS then theres a mark if you were on the ground during the struggle)
  7. vinay87

    Block transformations?

    This might be ghey seeing as we were waiting for the transes in 1.3, but anyway it would be nice to have a console command to block transformations. or to limit transformations to 1, 2 or 3 etc.
  8. True-Warrior

    Run/Fly Block

    I think you should have Fly and run block added to the game because it would be very useful instead of just being a sitting duck trying to block somone hits or the beam spammers from all four sides. There should be like primary(stand still block) and secondary(moving block) blocking with stamina...
  9. H

    melee,power and block struggles

    I have ESF installed in my "CS 1.6 No-Steam" directory. Everything works ok but when I'm on power struggles I can't see the characters and the map goes crazy and moves very in every direction until the power struggle finishes and then it goes normal again. When i'm on melee and block struggles...
  10. KidMan

    Block Struggling Idea

    This idea is for multiple beam blocking. Like 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 and so on. -When blocking a single beam, it shoudl be how it is now. - Blocking 2 at once, the beam heads create a ball like in a beam struggle. The ball pushes the character faster, thus taking more energy to throw back the ball...
  11. 041leo041

    block truble !

    whell in the 1.2 version the blocking is kind of slow it takes around 1 or 2 sec i always get hit why not make that when u click block key u block in instant
  12. T

    Block Suggestion

    I got this idea from these 2 fighting games if anyone here has played them somewhat. In the Dead or Alive series and Super Smash Brothers Melee game they both use the block feature, like esf. But in those 2 games, the block can be countered by a throw. It adds balance because it keeps the...
  13. $sj Goku

    2 New Kinds Of block

    ok the block that the game currently uses is just a regular block that only deflects the beam without any thought ( a block that would mostly be used at the last moment) then you have my idea for another kind of block. you hold forward + block and the beam that you deflect goes where you...
  14. Andreyesf

    Some block sugestion

    i think it will be cool to block beams when you swoop like in episode 179 when trunks is fighthing with the androids O_O
  15. -Blaze-

    Charge attack when Block Struggling

    Well, sometimes in the show, people while blocking with hands Energy attack, charge energy wave, shoots it and defences from energy attacks, like gohan did while training with goku in ROSAT (Room Of Spirit and Time). :notice: Suggestion: 1. Beam charges slower than normal. 2. Beam...
  16. O

    Block Struggleing Suggestion (VERY Good Idea!)

    ok in my opinion i LOVE how you can block very large attacks with your hands and try to send them back but how about instead of crossing your arms you hold out your hands like in the show. If your losing, your arms start to bend (depending on how much your losing is the angle of your arms) But...
  17. ~*Logan*~

    Block Glitch?

    The new Z clan server is up. But there's a new rule in it. What rule? A rule against a glitch. What glitch? Apparently...blocking a hit from a basic melee, and immediately double swooping into the person to perform advanced considered a free hit. In other words...a glitch...
  18. D

    Help with transformation i turn to a red block

    i finally transformed into a ss2 but then i turn in a red block so can any1 help me plz :cry:
  19. S

    Adv melee battle attack and block... (I'm to silly)

    Ok I know I should use the search butten but... hmmm...... my Q: My start.... I switch on my " boost" (with the key " T " ) I switch to melee battle ( with " 1 " ) I storm tu my enemy... I'm in battle OK so far... (I'm the attacker) ich select my attackt (...up,up,,down,right&left,...)...
  20. S

    One hand block

    Here's another suggestion: When you and your opponent swoop at each other and use the punch (Secondary button), you would block each other like this: Then you both get arrows and the winner knocks back the opponent and does damage to him! So what do you think?