1. D

    Dragon Balls

    for some reason i put on the dragon ball mode and the dragon balls arent there. how do i get them to appear, this mode seems pretty fun but it doesnt work. please help.
  2. S

    Dragon Balls

    how do you get the dragon balls to work?
  3. N

    dragon balls

    my question is where can i download the map taht has the dragon balls...and to play it, i need other thing.
  4. G

    Dragon balls and power level

    Okay, how do I make a wish after I have collected all 7 dragon balls? I've gathered them all and they just started to glow and stuff but nothing else happens, is there something what I do wrong or..? And is there any way/console command etc. to increase your power level when you're playing on...
  5. Stella

    Dragon balls

    How do you get the dragon balls on your server and how you use them plz???
  6. M

    Real good & Evil Teams and Dragon Balls

    I hope that in the later versions of esf, there will be REAL good&evil teams and more characters. Cell is avaible, but why the androids are not? Or COOLER, or Brolly. And one question: how can I get the dragonballs, and make wish? I cant find it in the levels.
  7. R

    Dragon balls

    How did you people get dragonballs in 1.2 i would really like to use them to see if this evm mod works plzz tell me where to get them or how to ge :laff: t them
  8. Ultimate Trunks

    Dragon Balls bug for 1.2

    I only have like 2 Bugs and they both have to do with Dragon Balls!!! BUG 1) Whenever I put Dragon balls on for a lan game right after I gather all the Dragon Balls the game crashes but the second time I do it it doesnt and the 3rd time and the 4th and the 5th ect. So basically everytime I...
  9. Ultimate Trunks

    How To use Dragon Balls in 1.2

    A lot of people have been asking this question even I had to once ill tell you step by step 1) GO to your ESF 2) Go to Create Server 3) Click where it says Game 4) Then go down to Game Mode 5) Click the arrow pointing down next to where it says what type of game is set (should...
  10. O

    i dont have dragon balls in game

    only in river side and then one dragon ball on the radar and i canr see him
  11. I

    Dragon balls, Sensu beans while using steam.

    Ok I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mod or something else so here I go. First is how do I get a sensu bean? Second is why when I make a server and I choose the game mod to be with dragon balls I can't find any dragon balls? And there is somekind of attack for every character I think...
  12. (SS2S) Kakorot

    kai balls

    everyone on this game fires them the same right, hold out one hand and fire or they choke them, well, for those who don't hav vegitas scatter shot, they hav diferent ways of firing in the show. trunkz uses two hands, one behind the other while krillin holds his hand like a gun and fires, where...
  13. Hyper Chi Aura

    BLock Struggles w/ energy balls

    :p in Budokai 2, when vegeta used his big bang attack, he shot another blast into to point is sicne there r multiple PS, y nto multiple BS? like lets say goku shoots a spirit bomb...and antoehr guy is holidnig prevent it from being hrown bak, gokue can fire Ki balls to make...
  14. K

    Got Balls?

    :no: It seems to me as tho ppl in the old versions of Esf mainly 1.0 and 1.1 have brought back the ball less tactic of attacking from behinde as tho they want to ass rape someone... Im fine witht he double hit in the air the melee system and all the rest its just that comeon ppl can u...
  15. S

    the dragon balls

    How do you collect the dragonballs I cant find them in the game if i play in ctdb.
  16. Volrath

    Where is the Dragon Balls?!

    Hey the CTDB mode has been removed?!?! it will be back on 1.3? thanks...
  17. L

    Weird Dragon Balls

    on esf_riverside, i cant access one dragon ball due to it being "buired" under a vortex line of something. can anyone help me?
  18. P

    Dragon Balls

    I'm not new to the game but have not enrolled in this site before. i Just downloaded esf 1.2 but i don't have any levels with the dragonballs in them so i could make a wish. Is there a program for the dragonballs or does this version not have them or is it just the maps i have that don't have...
  19. Z

    Generic Balls going thru some1 attack you

    When some1 is quite close to you and u shoot a generic ball at them, it goes through them. This doesnt happen all the time, and happens usually when they are swooping at you :/
  20. K

    no dragon balls in beta 1.2 ?

    why in esf beta 1.2 i cant find dragon balls?