1. S

    Why cant I see the dragon balls?

    i have maps for the on experimental mode...why cant i see them on the radar or on the map at all
  2. S

    What maps have dragon balls on them?

    which maps have em? besides riverside and cellarena
  3. D

    Dragon balls.

    Uhh... Can anyone tell me how you get to dragon ball mode and what levels have sensu beans
  4. T

    the map that has the dragon balls already gathered?

    can anyone give me the link of the map that has the dragon balls already gathered?
  5. M

    About dragon balls

    How do i get dragon balls on my server ? .. .. then i say "Create Server" what shal i do .. i cant get dragon balls on !..
  6. M

    Dragon balls

    How to use them ?When i gathered them all in one place and pushed "B"-nothing happens
  7. C


    MY DRAGON BALLS WON'T APPEAR ON MAP AND RADAR !!! I checked settings and it's set on CTDB so i dont know I Downloaded 1.2.3 full and i tried 1.2.2 full + patch to 1.2.3 but it doesn't work .. what seems to be the problem ???
  8. Y

    Dragon balls

    In which maps can i find dragon balls?there are alot that does not have dragon balls,if u know,pls reply
  9. Y

    Dragon Balls

    How do u get all the dragon balls?I can only carry one and if i press one button it drops on its own
  10. F

    where do u find the Dragon balls ?????

    WHere do u find the Dragon Balls or wat map r they in plz help me.
  11. skizer

    two balls Oo

    just made lol "two balls" xD maybe as bigbang or something like this O_o pic 1 pic 2 any suggestion xD..?
  12. Dura

    Where can i get map with Dragon balls in it.

    Can u link to the map where their dragon balls in it thx u.
  13. X

    Dragon Balls?

    Umm the Dragon Balls on Riverside, or any map for that matter, don't exist. I'm using the Dragon Ball mode but it's not working, my friend said he had to mess around in the files to get it to work, but he forgot what he did.
  14. B

    dragon balls

    hi new in esforces and i just know how to play...then i decided to download some maps and i found the dragon balls...i downloaded maps with the dragon balls but i just cant see them =X =X...i downloaded too DJ-Ready - EVM Ingame Menu and i select the dragon balls and nothing...
  15. E

    dragons balls help me please

    i'm in my game i created with bots and i am on namek and i put them all in one spot and i press b once and nothing happens. i press it again and nothing happens.... what do i do? O_O
  16. C

    help to model dragon balls amx mode. alle thinks about a sever!! HELP PLZZZZZ

    Hallo alle.. PLZZZZZ HELP ME!!! im not so good to English but i try. i just begin to play ESF. and i need som help... about the dragon balls. if i get alle 7 i can get a wish but when i play at my one sever is only 3 things to wish.. to day i haf play on a other sever where there was...
  17. Ravendust

    Playing the piano...with your balls!

    Pianist with balls I was both amazed and astounded by this guy, as he said himself: His accuracy is incrediable, especially due to the speed he plays at. And it's not even a large keyboard. If you don't look like this :shocked: after the two-minute mark you are most likely dead inside...
  18. seb

    dragon balls

    allright, i host a server - new game, game type CTDB right? for dragon balls, i never actualy used the dragon ball techniq. What map has dragon balls in default? or will i have to dl (if i do som 1 link me please)
  19. B

    How can I play with the Dragon Balls???

    ...?????????? Map? Game style??
  20. K

    How add dragon balls,sky and models?

    How add dragon balls,sky and models(trees) :cry: ?