1. D

    cant capture any dragon balls

    i get any dragon balls i looked every where in the maps
  2. D

    Dragon Balls + Steam Problem

    Hi, I cant get CTDB to work with steam. Ive tried editing listenserver with the command specified in the stickied help thread, with and without quotes. Ive tried other numbers, such as 3. I just cant get any dragon balls to appear on any map ever. any ideas?
  3. P

    capture the 18 dragon balls???

    im not sure if it belongs in this section of the forum but it is a bug.... i was playin ctdb on mtside and well the pics speak for themself i slowly gathered more and more dbs as i used em and i counted 18 b4 it crashed...
  4. I

    Surviving Disks and Catching Balls???

    lol nice name. Thought it was my turn to make a thread. :laff: Back onto the topic, I've seen 2 threads each entitled in the title of my threads name, confused yet?, how bout with mix n match these 2 threads and come up with Catching Disks? If you are on that high a powerlevel over the...
  5. §lipKnot

    i cant play wit the dragon balls can some one help

    okay i have this problem wit steam and half life but when ever i open it and try to make a game and i go to rules its blank is there a way to fix this or a command i can type in consle?
  6. S

    Generic Balls...?

    Question.. : How well will you be able to powerstruggle with a generic ball? I mean, when compared with other attacks.. It would be kinda lame if a generic ball hit a generic beam (or other type of beam) a powerstruggle would commence.. (if both players have about the same PL.) Think...
  7. S

    Dragon Balls (First Model)

    [COLOR=Cyan][SIZE=4][FONT=Fixedsys] This is one of my first models... check it out! :p Check our site while your sitting there!
  8. D

    got a prob with the dragon balls game mode....

    I'm using Steam lately cuz ESF didn't work for me in Half-Life so I erased it, and now I'm with Steam. so, when I want to do a lan game server I choose the CTDB, which is the dragon balls game mode, I choose a related map and search for dragon balls, but guess what? no, there are no dragon...
  9. D

    psing with gen balls

    yeah, well i got to think about these new generic balls and they seem pretty cool.but then i got to thinking about psing with them and i thought about using a generic beam vs a spirit bomb which then made me think about a generic ball psing with a spirit bomb. say play a has a pl of 30 mil and...
  10. imkongkong

    powerstruggle ki balls

    in the show goku was able to powerstruggle the spirit bomb with kidd buu.. why not make the other ball moves like trunks finishing buster, vegeta's big bang, frieza's death ball, goku's spirit bomb struggleable? :p :cool: ;/ ;/ ;/ ;/ ;/ O_O
  11. L

    Dragon balls

    Hey does anybody now what the "freindship" wish does??? I have tryed it a million times, but i dont now what it does!! Please help me..
  12. imkongkong

    homing ki balls

    the new generic ki round balls, i think should b homing balls... it should take long to charge, and u select ur target to whom u want to home on in.. it shouldn't do too much damage.. maybe as much as a mini ki shot.. every character in the game has used this attack at least once.. the one whom...
  13. ssjFajita

    KIblob water bug. ki balls don't move!

    I run ESF off Software mode on my comp (ewww). I was underwater shooting kiblobs at my opponent when I noticd that the little ki atacks were getting stuck and had stopped moving once they had reached the edge of the water and were about to go out to the surface. Now, yes at first it seemed that...
  14. M

    Generic Balls

    First - looking much forward to 1.2! And i dont hope i get banned or something for making such a small post, but i cant seem to find anywhere that tells what the generic balls are? That thing that will be in 1.2 according to the outline... I hope u can help me, im pretty curious about this...
  15. P

    Capture the balls??!!

    I´m new in this game and I hope someone can tell me how can I do to play "capture the dragon balls", becouse I want to play it. Thx.
  16. M

    Generic Balls

    Can somebody tell me what they mean by Generic Balls in the 1.2 outline?
  17. C

    Capture the dragon balls??

    Will the bugs be fixed? example... You can throw the ballz out of the map....
  18. N

    Dragon balls for Steam!!!

    hey guys i was wondering how you get Dragon balls to work on steam?? any one know?
  19. A

    What is the code of Dragon Balls?

    What is the code of Dragon Balls? :cry:
  20. P

    ESF_River and the Dragon Balls

    On ESF_River, when DBs are enabled you are only able to acquire 6 of them, the 7th is shown on the radar but is no where to be found. I figure it is most likely under the map because the dot indicated on the radar comes at the exact location of where a modelling line is on the ground where the...