1. T

    im getting an error in the dragon balls mode

    after i collected them all i press B and that what happned...
  2. Â

    about the dragon balls and dragon

    the dragon wont arise when i put all dragon balls in middle the just start glowing and dont work :( please tell me how they work:cry::

    Dragon balls

    In game where can u get the dargon balls and how do you use them?
  4. B

    What Do I Have To Do With De Dragon Balls??

  5. TehMuffinMan

    *yawn* deathpack release...

    well, im bored, so i guess ill release my deathpit maps, download them 0=|HERE> this is still geocities.. so if anyone wants ta host them, fire away. and if you dont know how to use geocities links, copy link into a new browser!
  6. BornTwiztid

    New Kami Map?

    Ok, to be quite honest, i didn't know where to put this thread, nor did i know what i should call it exactly, but i need to ask anybody and everybody this. I can't remember if this map was for ESF (God, i hope so) or for another DBZ mod, but i remember seeing screenshots of a Kami's lookout...
  7. V

    OK Major map n00b H3r3

    OK so like how do I start a map do I make a box, make it hollow and work from there inside it? or do I use a Certain amount of space on the bottom of the x,y,z, axis? Also do you use that whole space for the map (I'm talkin all the way zoomed out). Or is there like a general size for an ESF map...
  8. R

    whats capture the dragon balls?

    i dont understand wot it is (but i sure like to have a go at the thing)
  9. Twysta

    Dragon Balls

    This is not a thread about Capture the dragon balls mode! I know it is Experimental! I just wanted to ask if you were going to fix the dragon ball models for the next beta1.1? PS: how did you make a mistake like that?
  10. T

    Somebody please make a ssj2 vegeta

    with the spikey hair like mr smos and AZN..... man i wish they released them Ive tried a ton of times to make him but i cant... can somebody try please?
  11. X

    Black Star Dragon Balls

    Hey guys. This is just something I did out of boredom. Its not much. But I skinned the original Dragon Balls. To look like the Black Star Dragon Balls. Only diffrence is that the skin is darker. And the stars are black Heres a pic...
  12. 2

    Dragon BAlls!

    Well this is probably a stupid question but i've finally got to try out the dragonball finding mode fer esf, ive collected them put them in the same area. They begin to glow, but ive tried all from there and nuthin else has happened, a bit of helpp?;/
  13. F

    Conflicting moods

  14. wOoOzZy

    Cheapness with Energy Balls

    I think there is one thing that should be fixed for next beta. I dont know about every character but this is w/ Trunks. I was trying to get into power struggles w/ people a few days ago and then i tried against Trunks. He threw his big energy ball at me, i duno if its the burning attack or what...
  15. S

    everyone should try this :yes:

    I came up with an idea last week , lets use cs/hl maps in esf then i tried cs_rats2 because it has great open space ! the only thing you have to do is place the needed .wad files in your ESF folder ! these maps r great fun because they have open space rats (any version)...
  16. W33dPl@nTj3

    db balls

    when i take cath the dragon ballz in advaced setup and i create a game whit my friend i cant find no dragonballs.... how does this come
  17. Phobius

    Capture the Dragon Balls mode is experimental. Play at your own risk.

    The mode capture the dragon balls is in the experimental stage and the team does not plan on working on this mode till beta 2. So please don't tell us any problems with CTDB mode because 1. We probably already know about it. 2. It will be worked on for the next release of ESF. Which is...
  18. D

    A little thing I made to get pl's up on lan server

    If you're just playing by youself and you want to see the transformations or whatever I made a little map, it's big enough to have a little fight but it's not really meant for fighting. It basically has all the dragon balls together and each time you use them they spawn in the same place...
  19. Holy Crusader

    Dragon Balls

    the dragonballs sometimes fall through the floor/walls and become untouchable. then ya can't summon the dragon ;( you should make them respawn
  20. SSj Gotenks

    Ki balls hahahaaahaahahah balls

    Anyway on the beta will the ki balls be better than the alpha ones cuz the balls were just kinda annoying in the game. Will the be stronger and or diffrent shapes "ovals spheres and wot not" and will they be fast paced or salow