1. Big Bang Attack

    Fireing Ki balls into Beams

    As i was playing the aplha i noticed that the ki ball r just aboserd by the beam,. Which i expected them to be no problem here. But i will wondering with Ki storm and all that that in the game. Will a ki storm beable to stop a beam. Also if u pumped 100's of ki balls in the beam will it...
  2. MONXver2.0

    Dragon's balls

    I have afew questions about the D balls, if you guys have time to answer them. 1.Can you trow them? Guess you could transform and let go of it in flight and let it enersa(not sure if thats spelled right)do the rest. 2. Can you steal a dragon ball while the dragon is being summoned? How many can...
  3. fatmanterror

    SSJ4/SSJ5 Goku model

    hey everybody, its been a while since ive done any modeling at all, ive been busy animating for DBPS, which used to be fury of cell, anyways, this is the first time ive made a model from scratch, its not done yet its only 2 hours into it, but tell me what u think so far. by the way, the notice...
  4. J fox

    the dragon balls

    how do you pick them up and move them and use the dragon balls?
  5. P

    I like the dragons balls

    just a quick Q, does the dragon give one wish to each person on your team, or just to the person who summond it?
  6. OneWingedAngel

    Umm Dragon Balls w00t!

    Yeah I understand this is a n00b question and i dun have alot of time to check for the answer so i'll just ask it. Ok the Dragon gives you wishes but i'd like to know some things hes capable of doing. And please don't flame me...
  7. V3g3t@

    fire balls

    the fire balls fly to slow or you should fire them like in the episodes
  8. S

    piccolo homing balls

    hey will piccolo homing balls be in cause it be cool if primary fire tap will like fire 1 at it will auto home in on someone or maybe u could target certain people if u keep ur thinger onf primary fire u charge a ball and then fire loads of em then u press secodnary fire and they all home...
  9. R

    My n00b Model

    Well I figured I would grow some balls and try on a model. I want to make one of the spice boys, I just can't remember which one he is. I only got portions of the torso done and the arms. Go on and tell me if you think I or it have potential to being a good model/modeler. Also give suggestions...
  10. S

    how to get the dragonballs

    in capture the dragonballs mode where are the dragonballs cause i can never find them ok so if they are in some maps what maps are they in?
  11. H

    how do you play capture the dragon balls?

    how do you pick up or use the dragon balls? +how can i find a place where i can play the game with others??? ;/
  12. MONXver1.5

    Question about the dragon balls in the next version

    When the dragon balls are used and shoot up in the air and dispers. If some one is in the way of one of them, will he A. be able to catch it:] . B. be killed as soon as it hits him:fight: . C. be pushed aside as it gos byO_O .
  13. S

    with capture the dragon balls

    with capture the dragon balls wat wishes do u get to make if you do get a wish cause i reckon u should like get somtin like more pl a new attack or somtin like that:p
  14. M

    Dragon Balls............

    When i play esforces with "Capture the dragonballs" mode i only have 2 dragonballs and ik cant pick them up do someboy know how that can happen plz help me........
  15. Majin_You

    High Jumps and Dragon Balls

    Just a simple question about high jumping and capturing the dragon balls. -When you high jump, does it consume energy? -Do collecting the dragonballs have any advantage to yourself [or your team] other than points? Thanks in advance!
  16. Goj1ta

    Ki balls and beams

    You should be able to shoot alot of ki balls fast like vegita did against cell when trunks got hurt But they should make alot of smoke to and holes i nthe ground so you dont know if you killed them yet and beams should make holes and Smoke also the smokes a important thing in dbz