1. Kaination

    SICK graphical 3ds game - First Beyond the Labrynth

    http://nintendoeverything.com/64075/ holyyyyy **** this thing looks good. /applaud
  2. Skyrider

    Nintendo 3DS - Got one!

    Anyone here on the forums also have a Nintendo 3DS? I just bought one today for my girlfriend as of today we are together for 5 years. There's a large price tag set on it (240 euro) but I find it worth it for my girl :heart:. My thoughts of the Nintendo 3DS is quite impressive. I really like...
  3. Mkilbride

    Nintendo can disable your 3DS remotely...have they gone to far?

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/108298-Nintendo-Can-Disable-a-Pirates-3DS-Remotely I get it, anti-piracy, but I feel this is a little TO much control over a product you own.
  4. Sicron

    Need some help learning modelling in 3DS Max

    Well, basically, we have to create this object for our 3ds Max class. Now, our teacher being a complete moron, has teached us pretty much nothing (And by nothing I mean: he teached us how to open the program, and that's pretty much it.). Now fortune is upon me, for we have a relatively simple...
  5. J-Dude

    3DS Max Middle-Mouse pan in Windows 7

    So, I've upgraded to a much better machine to work on, one with Windows 7 64 bit, and I've been loving it. Settled in nicely. I have Max 2009 all nice and installed, and with all the PC's ample power, it runs like a dream. However, I have a problem in the middle mouse button. I, like most...
  6. J-Dude

    3DS Max: God-ray effect from Omni light?

    Working hard on a final project for class, and I've got an object that's glowing partially due to a tweaked lens-flare, but mostly due to a volume light from an omni light in the object's center. Light shines fine, but I also wanted spots of the light to have animated random dark spots, creating...
  7. Growler

    Transparency hotkey in 3ds Max 9

    Hello, I am just getting back into modeling... and I forgot the hotkey to make your model transparent.. it's bothering me. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  8. Growler

    AutoDesk 3Ds Max 8

    I've been using 3dsmax8 for a while now... I started it up today and randomly did not work... instead, a message popped up saying "A license system error has occurred. You must uninstall and reinstall this product to initialize the license management system. if this problem continues, contact...
  9. S

    3ds max chqracter studio animator needed

    is there anyone here that knows how to animate in character studio's? i have a few models i need some animations added to i have the base bip finish for the models just need someone to help me rig and add animations to the bip then i'll be more than willing to share some of the models with everyone
  10. Kaination

    Import HL1 .smd into maya 2008 / 3ds max 9?

    Yeah, I got both programs and I want to do this for animating. I was wondering, how can I import the mesh / skeleton and animate it? Also, what do you prefer to animate with, Maya or 3ds max?
  11. T

    3ds max?

    so im getting my bachelors in game art and design and am learning 3ds max at the moment. i was wondering if u had to use the valve hammer editor to create levels because i want to use 3ds max.
  12. I

    3ds to mdl

    How to complite in MilkShape 3D model from 3ds to mdl(smd) can someone giwe my tutorial of something ?? :P
  13. ciarkol

    3ds to mdl

    How to complite in MilkShape 3D model from 3ds to mdl(smd) can someone giwe my tutorial of something ?? :P
  14. Andy011

    How Can I Bipe In 3ds Max?

    ok.... I have browsed tabs, menus, etc. and I even tried to open the tutorial to see if I can bipe a skelet (won't open and I can't find ****). If anyone knows how to bipe a skelet in 3ds max, I'd be greatly appreciated if u'd let me know. Preferably, if u can include screenies or a video...
  15. D

    3DS max problem

    I am currently trying to make a new map inside of a building model, which i obtained off of the net. but when i open up the building file in 3DS i get a camera view of it but i can't edit it it is a single screen and not the usual 4 screen showing top, side , front, and render. how do i get it...
  16. Blademaster

    help with 3ds

    whenever i go to rotate move or do anything to an object it will only move in one direction and it will only be Z so say if im rotating it illl click on rotate click on my object usually a circle comes up with Z,X and Y but it doesnt and no matter what when i drag it or rotate or whatever im...
  17. Green Wolfos

    3dS Max 8 Modeling Help

    First of all, I know that this technicly doesn't go here, but I thought it was my best chance to not put it in the wrong place. Ok. Down to business. I would like to know if someone could give me a tutorial for the prog in the title for character modeling. I've gone to a few sites, and none of...
  18. gokuss2

    Since Textures to create and To create With 3ds UVmap

    Good Hi a time I shape, but to do textures as them of esf, for that I put the texture and already this one, but to do neither the uvmap nor nothing of it tutorials please and of doing textures of these please thank you
  19. gokuss2

    I search tutorials of animation 3ds max

    HI I am creating a mod of dragon ball for hl2 RPG, and already I have the model of goku small, but nose that tool max uses in 3ds to encourage, some person can give me a good tutorial of animation with 3ds max, to jump to move and quite thank you
  20. J

    Trying to Install 3ds max 8... Error.

    Hi, i'm trying upgrade from 3ds max 7, to 8. But I'm having a issue at the end of the install. When it finishes the install, this pops up. Pleeease help, thanks!