1. J

    [WIP] Zabuza

    Hey there, Working on a Zabuza model here, I need some C&C... right now its just the male base I'm working on ( since the Zabuza I'm modeling is without shirt ) I'm very bad at poly-flow, any help on any of this would be terrific! thanks, and if you have any "good" references for...
  2. Suh Dude


    I was inspired by someone's signature at Planet Renders so I decided to go over the extreme and try to get that look. I think I did really good lol, kinda messy though. Used renders from Planet Renders... its a good cheat from brushing. o_o
  3. Robo_Killa


    well im working on models again and i decided to make zabuza again but with the other outfit. this is what i have so far i have a long way to go x_X critz and comments
  4. PiXel

    Nwod- Zabuza

    yeh on the Render thread i have allready posted the head =) nway i thought to start finaly a own thread for a model of mine. lol how long it have been since i havnt posted a own thread about my model? xD nway heres my body progress: the body is for now like 900 tris head: head is...
  5. JTR

    Redoing old Zabuza

    Im trying to improve my old Zabuza.. Never really finished it either... I got a WIP of a new head.. I...
  6. Robo_Killa

    Zabuza Model

    this is my second modeling attemp, hope its not that crapy, been working on it for 3 days so far or 4. c&c plz >.>
  7. Ravendust

    Zabuza or Gaara?

    I was re-watching the earlier episodes of Naruto earlier and got to the part where Kakashi first encounters Zabuza. Kakashi explains to Naruto about the Chuunin exam for the Hidden Mist village, about how the Genins are pitted against each other in fights to the death. It then showed a shot of a...
  8. JTR

    Zabuza [WIP]

    Been a while since I posted here so here goes: Still need to define the back of the hair and model some bandages around the neck... C&C plz... Cya... - JTR EDIT: Almost forgot.. I made a few Naruto Weapons also.. Dont really need a thread for themselves.. C&C for those also...
  9. jp

    Zabuza, or whatever his name is...

    Well yeah i thought zabuza was fairly easy to start with as a anime character, i know its a heavy wip, So if you have some C&C and some tips, i would really like to hear them And i allready noticed that the feet are a little strange... :p
  10. A

    Zabuza [WIP]

    Front Side Back I know I'm a Noob, C&C?
  11. Damaera

    Zabuza [WIP]

    Front Side Back I know I'm a Noob, C&C?
  12. Enix

    Zabuza [WIP]

    Started this 2 days ago, got the body done. I'm just waiting on david to do a head ref :p. Well the sword is pretty much done, it just needs optimized. Well ummm... heres what I got so far. More soon, I hope to finish this one.
  13. J


    i attempted to make a zabuza model, i hope you ppl think its good ;) this is like my 5th model attempt in milkshape.
  14. Valeska

    zabuza signature

    zabuza signature.. i know the burshing is lame
  15. Lord Killmore

    [NWN] Momochi Zabuza

    well here ya go ! i think it turned out pretty good enjoy: C&C??? notice : it is NOT for ESF
  16. Enix

    Zabuza WIP

    Ok, so there is finally gonna be a naruto character in esf, im workin on a zabuza model to replace trunks, and dont worry im not gonna go digging in the trash to find my old sword, i will make newe one, but the cool thing about this one is i made all of it in max, so consider this my first 3dsm...
  17. Enix

    Zabuza's Sword, Could replace trunks' sword

    i got like majorly bored, so i thought why not just do a sword, i thought maybe a katana, nah to many people makin those, maybe a dagger, nah to small, so after a few mins of thinking, is was like why not zabuza's sword!?! so i made it, and i was surprised at the results, i think it actually...
  18. Wangster


    hi, i made my second model, its zabuza from the anime naruto, its far from finished, but here it is: i wil probably not make the head myself, i am not good enough , i tried the head b4, and i got this crappy thing. sooo, updates will be here tomorow.
  19. CM

    Zabuza's Sword

    460 polies
  20. N

    2 new zabuza sigs

    2 new zabuza sigs...(no border i know, i dont add the border becouse i'm almost always on the NBP forum (ninja's beyond power) and there you cant add an i dont add one.. Greetz Niracle