1. Mous4u

    what was your worst day EVER!?...so far

    what was your worse day ever my worst day so far was when i got emberrased becuase i was in the shower singing.what was your worst day?
  2. M

    Worst Moments in Games (Spoilers)

    What are some of your worse moments in games? I had a lot of these moments: Resident Evil 2 - The second time I played through this game, I made it all the way to where you have to fight William Birkin for the last time as Leon Kennedy in Case A before the facility exploded. I was ready to...
  3. Rayos

    Ending themes *Best, Worst, Classic*

    It is a poll but i don't want to leave out any so i'll just edit this post constantly with how many think it is a good ending. I don't know about you guys but almost every Inuyasha ending i listen to seems like an old fashion anime closer. Makes you feel like the story is over and that you...
  4. Sandstorm

    The Best (read: worst) Page Ever

    z0mg! This is the oddest site, EVER. It's work friendly, there's no porn, profanity, rap, etc on there. Just a really ****ed up website...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Worst games of all time

    http://www.pcworld.ca//news/column/e73b0b190a0104080187a604e28f6492/pg0.htm i read this and was just curious what would show up but then it started to get wierd some of the games listed as the worst games were shaq-fu (it was cheesy, but i thought it was a cool fighting game)...
  6. G


    dear esf team... every year again u try to fool me :) nice try and nice faked email ^^^^^^^ i nearly got fooled
  7. sub

    Worst game ever?

    This could possibly be the worst game ever made. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. You probably haven't heard of it and for good reason too. To my knowledge it is the only game to have gotten a 1.0 score at GameSpot.com.. Link to review...
  8. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Sierra/Vivendi is the worst game company ever to exist.

    Everyone on this forum is aware of the nightmares I've had with the Source engine games, HL2 and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Now I'm adding a new game to the mix. I was a huge fan of the last SWAT game and when I heard there was a SWAT4 demo out I ran over and grabbed it. I...
  9. I

    South Australian Fires - Worst than Ash Wednesday

    In Port Lincoln, and Sorounding areas. A bush fire ran rampant. 9 are currently dead. 12 are missing. Millions of sheep and cattle are destroyed, houses, cars, caravans, other vehicles. lost. many people. the fire was travelling at 140km's an hour. Towns and cities in danger: Wangry...
  10. Kaination

    Worst time you've ever gotten a wedgie!

    Simple. Worst time you've ever gotten a wedgie. For me, I was playing P.E. and I suddenly got one, so I look around, move to the back, and I pick at it furiously. Too bad I didn't move to the end all the way :p someone saw me o_o but it was all good... well not really D:!
  11. Kaination

    The worst time you crashed/disconnected...

    Sorry I like these posts. Fun to hear about other peoples moments... Any ways, the worst time you crashed or got disconnected. Mine was when I'm always about to get someone's screen name for AIM and then...whoops, disconnected ;( :cry: This has been a public service announcment by...
  12. Kuyuaga

    The WORST cartoons EVER inside!!

    LMAO oh holy crap, okay let me gather my thoughts here for a sec....okay Right my lil bro just sent me a link to a site with videos of the Old mario and zelda cartoons (dunno if you ever saw them) but holy s**** they are bad, funny as hell, but so wrong -- (56kers beware mind)...
  13. J

    Worst Band Ever

    at like 5:30 this morning i saw the video for this band, Badly Drawn Boy this band is so bad that the video is about a guy who goes around and hugs everyone and everything and lets just leave it at this band SUCKS!!!
  14. The_Forgotten

    Worst Shows on Cartoon Network

    Whats your opinion on the worst shows on CN?They should be from worst to best.LoL, heres mine- 1)Kids Next Door 2)Rescue Rangers 3)Code Whatever(some anime) 4)Totally Spies 5)YuGiOh 6)Pokemon I would of put more but I cant remember them right now XP
  15. jp

    The best moment in ESF, or the worst

    What is the best moment that has ever happened to you in ESF? And the worst thing?
  16. M

    Worst breakup

    Hey - I was kinda wondering if my recent breakup really sucked or just was average or what..: She was my girlfriend for 1,5 years and i really loved her a big lot - and then one day we breakup because she said there were too many fights and stuff.. And then a good friend of mine from my band...
  17. T

    the worst thing in the world [experiences about waiting for mods]

    the worst possible thing in the world is waiting for a mod to come out. I hate it so much but the wait always ends up being worth it cause u want to play it. The only other time i had to wait for a mod other than this one was waiting for the warhammer mod for halflife.
  18. Denz

    Worst thing that can happen....

    ...when u need 2 go in bathroom for a "long" time (u know what I mean) so vote and say something about it....
  19. Denz

    Worst cartoons on cartoon-network

    If u have any other post here YA KNOW AND WHY?
  20. N

    The Worst Sig Ever Made

    i was bored...and in an fast mood.. well check it out.. you will see 4 yourself... that's crappy signature ever made what do you think? bad enough ? :rolleyes: Greetz Niracle