Ending themes *Best, Worst, Classic*

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Sep 22, 2004
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It is a poll but i don't want to leave out any so i'll just edit this post constantly with how many think it is a good ending.

I don't know about you guys but almost every Inuyasha ending i listen to seems like an old fashion anime closer. Makes you feel like the story is over and that you just finished no matter what just happened. I am just curious what anime ending themes make you feel like you just watched a nice old school anime. Though the graphics are better than old school, i'm talking about the music.

I also enjoy death note's ending but that is for other reasons

I would like to include
Daybreak Impression
Succesful Mission (Saber Marionette J)
Infinity (Lost Universe)
Space Lonely Soldier (Tekkaman)
Get Along (The Slayers)

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