1. X

    Windows 8 and Raid 0

    Hello there , Since a month or so i've been using windows 8 and have been using windows 7 prior to it. I have been running windows 7 with 1 SSD ( OCZ Vertex 3 , Sata 3 , 6Gb's ) wich was blazing !!! Also i have been running windows 7 ( prior to the SSD ) with 2 identical HDD,s as a raid...
  2. Barney

    Windows 7 Home Premium vs. Professional

    I never quite understood the differences between the "Home" version of Windows and the "Professional" version of Windows and why the "Professional" version is 40 bucks more expensive. Can anyone shed some light on this? Edit: Just notice that, on Newegg at least, the Windows 7 versions are the...
  3. Barney

    Windows: Which version do you use?

    So I imagine most people haven't made the switch to Windows 8, but I wanted to see who uses what. I have a laptop with XP on it still and it's great, although I am very fond of W7. The reason I want to know is I'm thinking about possibly building a rig and wanted to get suggestions for which...
  4. Skyrider

    Windows 8 - Lacking permissions to write in C (root)

    Now, I've recently installed Windows 8 and it works great. Now, for the main question. I'm having permissions issues within C:\ (Root) directory of Windows. Whenever I attempted to create a file, let's say a document (txt) file, I get this: Now, I've already attempted a lot of things. My...
  5. dutchmeat

    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Sources;,0,2317962.story WAT WHAT...
  6. sub

    Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 a "catastrophe" My love for this man has increased. I've been using the preview version of Windows 8 for a few months now and it's still finding new ways to make me upset. Newell is usually pretty spot on with...
  7. F

    iTunes Support

    I thought that it would be a good idea to have in-game iTunes support for ESF: Final so that you do not have to ask Bruce Falconer for his songs, for example we could just BUY the songs and use them in-game. P.S. You could also have windows media player support too...
  8. sub

    Windows 8

    Microsoft has just released a consumer preview version of Windows 8. You can get it here. I've been using it for the last hour or so, and I'd like to offer a first impression. To make a long story short, it is still too early to call it...
  9. MrDJSilva

    Server Problems for Windows

    im getting this on my server the server is windows esf Game dll version mismatch dll version 140, engine version is 140 the game dll for esf appears to be outdated, check for updates
  10. MrPlow

    Websites containing Windows XP themes?

    So yah i'm lookin to change my windows look a bit so i'm lookin for some themes. However most of the "theme" websites which google throws up are infested with viruses,spyware and such so i'm wonderin can any one of ya help me find a normal website?
  11. O


    Hi, I just wanted to say "thanks" to the ESF team. I have been playing your game since the very first Alpha version. Before that I played DragonmodZ. I remember how quickly ESF catched up and surpassed DMZ. When I left DMZ for good, I never looked back. I also tried some Bid For Power but that...
  12. Nemix

    Remove Windows 7 Logo from Login Screen

    Is it possible? I tried editing authui.dll from System32 and some stuff from Google and YouTube but the logo is still there. :(
  13. U

    Help with install on windows 7

    1.I have Steam Downloaded and i have my Account name 2.Bought the half-life game off stream itself so i dont have a cd key but i do have half-life 1 i can play 3.i installed esf 1.2.3 when it finish downloading i put the folder and save in it own location than when i try opening the folder...
  14. Prozac

    Isaiah Mustafa (Windows 7 viral)

    This is like my favorite guy ever. Even more so after this video.. So smooth <3
  15. Mkilbride

    Windows 7 has a 93% adoption rate, 240 million units SOLD.
  16. Skyrider

    Windows 7 - Operation System Not Found

    My GF had 2 HDD's. One with Windows 7 and the other one wasn't used at all but both were connected when windows 7 was being installed. I've removed the one that wasn't used at all as I needed it for my own PC. But after I booted up the PC again it keeps showing the error "Operation system not...
  17. Sicron

    Windows 7/Vista installation problems

    I have posted this on the forums, the type of machine I am trying to install windows on is a Samsung R510, t5800, 9200M GS, 4GB of RAM. Now, in the mean while, I have been able to install Windows XP, and have been able to update the BIOS. Yet the problems with installing...
  18. 1

    Does anybody know how to get 1.1 dedicated server working on Windows server 2003..

    Does anybody know how to get 1.1 dedicated server working on Windows server 2003.. facing tons of problems... doesnt work if i just copy and paste it out of the esf reversed package... ugh mannn...
  19. Ness

    Line-In Audio lag with windows 7

    I have this annoying lag on my audio playback, from a line-in source, which is seriously ****ing annoying. Makes doing what I do a nightmare, between what I instantly hear in my headphones, which plays about 0.4 seconds later through my speakers. Does anyone know what is causing this Line-In...
  20. J-Dude

    3DS Max Middle-Mouse pan in Windows 7

    So, I've upgraded to a much better machine to work on, one with Windows 7 64 bit, and I've been loving it. Settled in nicely. I have Max 2009 all nice and installed, and with all the PC's ample power, it runs like a dream. However, I have a problem in the middle mouse button. I, like most...