1. Vegeta

    ESF 1.2.3 [Installer] file type unknown?

    Properties: Name: esfb123 Type of file: file Size: 184mb It can't run, because it doesn't know how to- it just asks me to choose a program to run it with. I have never seen this before..
  2. Grega

    X-com UFO defense/Enemy unknown fans

    Well seems there is an opensource recreation of that old game with a bit more weapon variety and ofcourse better GFX. Gameplay seems quite similar. Its called UFO: Alien Invasion -> http://ufoai.sourceforge.net/ Thoughts?
  3. Mkilbride

    Irresponsabile Captain Tylor - An unknown anime of Legends.

    Ok, so I'm pretty sure, everyone who posts here has never heard of this anime at all. I never had either, until I decided to watch it one day. I was really bored. It's a 1993 anime, so around the Tenchi OVA time. Let me say this, I was surprised. It is comparable, if not SUPERIOR to the...
  4. The Deco

    Setmaster: Unknown command enable

    Yeah, im getting that when I try to use the steam dedicated server when im starting a server for any game, third party and steam games. I tried firewall unblocing, I even turned the firewall of just for a few seconds to check if the firewall gives me the problem, still major fail. Im...
  5. -Origin

    Origin Unknown

    Latest signature. I'm especially proud of the text, took me a while but I seriously think it's some of the best typography I have done in a very long time. Tell me what you think.
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    Never follow unknown people underground.

    OK, so ever since last summer my friends and I love to go to these so-called 'catacombs' that are near my city. Underground tunnels, if you will. We've gotten very deep and very far last summer, and it was amazing. All that adrenaline in your blood and that feeling of relief you get when you get...
  7. S

    Forum Game: The Deadly Unknown!

    Alright, it's just something I saw when lurking in another forum. Basically, I state a situation, and you foil it to be something bad/dangerous. ... and so on. So.. I'll begin! <hr> I'm downloading a file.
  8. Smith

    Forum Game: The Deadly Unknown!

    Alright, it's just something I saw when lurking in another forum. Basically, I state a situation, and you foil it to be something bad/dangerous. ... and so on. So.. I'll begin! <hr> I'm downloading a file.
  9. D

    Unknown version of ESF

    I recently had a system crash and lost everything. I was wondering about a Version of ESF i had where every character started off w/ the ability to transform and it looked far better than the ESF 1.2.3 version i have now. Similar to the Open Beta version's graphics. If anybody could help me out...
  10. G

    Prince Of Persia - unknown name

    The past couple of days I started to work at this model on another PC (long story). Here is how it turned: And two renders: And a none smooth pic: And a space pod I did a few days ago for my arrival map. I decided to go a little highere with the door knowing that I will...
  11. M

    Having Trouble why Unknown

    I got the 1.2.3 version I use to have ESF but took a break and redid system now i cant see to Find servers When i opeen the game i got Vegita kicking Picalo down is this the right version if not can you tell me what is.
  12. ssjFajita

    Unknown CL Error

    I have an abnomally high ping of around 3,400 when I join a game and I don't know if it is caused by this warning I keep getting or the fact that my conncection is too slow. What happens is that when join a server. My ping is off the wall at around 3,400 and I get a message in the top right...
  13. Enix

    KH2 Unknown

    Ok, here goes my second KH2 model, its unknown! WEEEE!! ermm...like 749 polys i think and heres a pic:
  14. Soulicro

    Match #6 - Crackerjack vs Unknown

    Friendly reminder of them rules: 1. The sig size does not matter, but it must be under the forum's rules max (600 x 200) 2. This isnt limited to Photoshop. You can use other programs. However, when posting the sig, please specify which programs you used. 3. You have up to 3 days to post...
  15. W

    KH2 Unknown [WIP]

    ok, well, here it is, not much to see so far. I just thought I would get a thread started for it. I still need to finish the the head part, then other side. then all the way down, then the face.
  16. S

    StarCraft - Unknown Territories

    The hull of the newly stocked Battlecruiser gleams in the sunlight revealing the name of the ship: "USS Intrepid Rev. 2" After a recent battle with the Zerg in sector 3, the first USS Intrepid was destroyed after widthstanding 3 fleets of mutalisks. The Captain and all its crew were destroyed...
  17. J

    HL has caused an error in (Unknown)

    It now happens whenever I start ESF up through STEAM, I now never even see the ESF screen.
  18. J

    HL has caused an error in Unknown

    Okay Problem 1) I go to 'Games', click on a game, say..ESF, Natural Selection, whatever.. 'HL HAS CAUSED AN ERROR IN UNKNOWN' *Crash* Problem 2) I enter the game, go to 'Create Game'/'Join Game', whatever Starting..Validating Resources.. *Stops Responding* *Crash* Fun, no...
  19. N

    map error unknown

    allocblock: full, what is this error. compling is easy and there are no errors in the level but as soon as i wanna play the level, i get the error. does anyone knows this :(
  20. Kreshi

    Model: Unknown

    Hi guys... I start yesterday modeling again... Here what i did in 1 day: I know the pics are very strange... Whatever, i don´t know who this CAN be or whatever... it´s ANY fan fic model... And the shoulder on the first pic look very strange, but it is not, it is just...
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