1. omnomnom

    CCI...I dont understand any of it

    I dont understand the tut at all...can comeone help maybe? like whats the .ClassExtension.core?? no offese to Raven, but that tut isnt too helpful, to me at least, if anyone else has a better understanding please help m,e
  2. The Deco

    I don't understand what is so wrong with 1.3

    I really can't understand what is so wrong with 1.3, it's new and you people want it to be like an old version, if you want the old version just play it again. This game is new and therefore it has new features, theres no point to make the exact same game again(nor the same game again with a...
  3. R

    Things that i don't understand

    There are many things i do not understand but why the hell is Goku's SSJ2 form model the same as SSJ (I am talking about 1.3). Goku's normal form IS SSJ form (For you who don't understand me watch dbz). There's more... IF ESF is based on Dragonball Z there is no 4th form for Goku and i don't...
  4. S

    i don`t understand...

    but what are you a robot or what ?
  5. S

    Few cvars I dont understand

    Im using the server.cfg posted in the sticky above. I am not sure though what these do, obviously something to do with violence settings. I thought though that violence is set client side rather than server side? violence_ablood "1" violence_agibs "1" violence_hblood "1" violence_hgibs "1"
  6. D

    Um i dont understand the download

    :shocked: Um I really love dbz so i really want the game but every time i try to download the 1.2.2 Ful download it goes to eitehr download it free or pay i click the free one and a box With German language comes up and Is counting down so i am guessing that means intill i can download but when...
  7. F

    I don't understand

    All these EVM threads are starting to annoy me. And as I see EVM is becomming closer to completion. But you see, before 1.2 was ever released, everyone said that it was coded so no third parties could addon to it like EVM or EEA. And as you see, EVM is doing what you guys said they wouldn't be...
  8. B

    French who wanted to understand.

    Hello all, Sorry for my bad English, but I speak French normally :laff: . After the discovery of this HL-mod, (that I very liked :) ) I will like to have some precise details on certain things. Version: Full 32 bits on Steam - When I want create a server, it puts an error with...
  9. M

    didn't understand...

    i didn't understand how to fight, i mean with punches... can anyone help ? is there a manual somewhere ? thanks..
  10. A

    Help me to understand some options, please!

    Hello, everybody. As a Chinese who just know a little English, I do cannot understand the options listed below. May anyone do me a favor to tell me the meaning of each option in easily understanding sentence. Thank you very much!! Here are the options that I cannot understand. get...
  11. F

    I Dont Completely Understand Some Of The Entities

    i dont understand the info_player_start and evil start and good start and death match entites completely, dont they need atributtes, where should i place them, and wut other entites are very vital, or wut entites should i put in my map
  12. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  13. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  14. D.C. Darkling

    Saiyan Saga Vegeta WIP

    Yes.. alot of you might have been looking for this... I am working on it again. Time to suggest things for me to do. :) For now I only modified a small part of the arm pads. I still have no clue bout why the next thing happens: We strafe with the model and it bends ALOT to the left /...
  15. Cold Steel

    Screen in an unusual shape.

    Ok i suppose most of you know tgw_cloud_palace, i want to do something cool with the dimentional door, from the lookout to the rosat. I want to make a screen in the shape of a door, so when you go to the door, you see the rosat, this way it looks a little more realistic(the camera will be...
  16. Escobar

    Under Siege

    Well i havent showed you guys much lately cuz umm im not sure y but heres a little something i went n finished while i waited for dakilla to do the brushing, but i was a bit bored, but the collab shud be much better than this vesion anyways tell me what you think...
  17. M

    ESF REBUILD just read and you will understand

    Hi all... First of all... i am not a member of the ESF team but i do think that they need to do a complete rebuild. When you get in a game for example with goku than you have a pl of 750.000 and thats way to much energy if you ask me. i think that it should drop down to 5.000 and that you...
  18. PiXel

    please mapper`s please try it

    http://members.tripod.com/~christruehitt/pics/6.htm please can u try to make the map esf_trifore or what eber i will be have the map in zelda here are many pictueres :cry: please try it for me please
  19. E

    S-Bolt-- need to talk :D

    maar hoe kan ik die requist of zo iest doen maar search vind die nooit iets sorry e maar ik ben een newbie dus ee ! ni te hard beginen tis maar een begin e
  20. C

    hey anyone know how make AM more easy for me to understand how to install and setup?

    does anyone know how to teach adminmod to me in a easier way to understand my no good friend won't help
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