I don't understand what is so wrong with 1.3

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Nov 2, 2007
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I really can't understand what is so wrong with 1.3, it's new and you people want it to be like an old version, if you want the old version just play it again.
This game is new and therefore it has new features, theres no point to make the exact same game again(nor the same game again with a LITTLE more features)

I also don't understand what is so wrong with the 2 swoops, the first swoop is the same with different animation and the second swoop is just charged and faster that helps cover more ground more quickly and its good for chase and attack. (And even if it is spam able, the spammer will have less chance at hitting a strike since its hard to control so its pretty a move to be used only in strategic situations) also the team said they will get back the feature in 1.2 that when you swoop you just leave the button and you stop swooping so this case its pretty the same.

The new melee system looks to me as a breakthrough WHICH as I read in some of the threads "why ESF 1.1 was better" and such, you said you were learning ways to beat this guy, and if you will read the planning of the new melee system you will notice that to win in this advanced melee you do need to understand his way of fighting and weaknesses. (even if your opponent is a button smasher you can still be able to counter it since there's no logic in his way fighting) Notice that the dodge system is a breakthrough for many strategic countering and weak points hitting. In this melee system you do need to work your brains.

So what is so wrong? except some great new features (In my idea) it did saved its old swooping method and added a new one for other purposes.

I just think people like to think about the good old days just because they like think about nostalgia in EVERYTHING. Thinking about the good old days mostly comes when something new comes, people sometimes just afraid of changes and this is how they react. (Ever the grownups told you "In my days there were no computers"? and notice - both good things and bad things came from computers)

So think more outside of the box, read the new melee system and think about a situation you fight and you will understand you do need to learn your enemy (and that is coming from someone who fights 2 days a week if not more) [even spammers which by the way in real fighting spamming is also could be a technique], always and yes this melee system do enables strategic moves that will be more than pressing left click and some direction to do a combo or right clicking and swooping to make a simple hit which lives your enemy knock backed and helpless which does about 40 damage.

So generally you don't have much to complain about because when I read that thread the melee and the swooping was the 2 main complaints.

So please, please read the melee system and think OUTSIDE THE BOX

And 1 question: wtf is so wrong with turbo charge dashing?

design documents(the melee explanation is there for you to read) -


This is the thread I read - http://esforces.com/forum/showthread.php?t=69200&highlight=good+days
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Nov 6, 2004
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I've liked every single version of ESF. Some people disliked Beta 1.2 when they first played it as well, but they warmed up to it and it's now their favorite version. The same will likely happen to 1.3. The main reason people aren't playing it right now is because it's incomplete. There's no point in criticizing an unfinished project. While our criticism may help the developers get an idea of what to add based on what we want, it's going to take longer to develop because of all of the changes they make. Beta testers have jobs for a reason. To start an Open Beta so early, on what's basically still a sandbox project, is pointless. While fun, it's not going to do much in the end but disappoint some people and probably turn some people away.

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