1. A

    Movement tweaks when making ur own game and more

    When ur setting up ur own game, have the ability to change the speed ur character moves at example: walking: 5 times normal flying: 10 times normal etc. ability to choose the power level u need to ascend able to tweak the power of your beams and set how long they take to charge.
  2. S

    Some tweaks to 1.3

    Hello all I've been playing esf 1.2 for quite a while now, and I gotta say I'm surprised how fun it is for a hl1 mod! Anyway I've been chatting with Final Blast, a member of the forums for a few days, mainly about esf1.3. We gathered up some ideas and suggestions on making it better, which may...
  3. vinay87

    Power struggle tweaks?

    OK, here's what I think, When the powerstruggle initiates, a series of arrows should appear on screen depending on the powerlevel. Hold down left click and hit the corresponding arrow to get a powerup. The number of arrows and the appearance of random arrows depends on powerlevel. If your...
  4. Dokutayuu

    Ginyu Tweaks and A16

    Evening all, I've looked through body change's design docs and I have a few contributions to make; * Ginyu's new body should have Body change as in the show, Ginyu was Goku and tried to swap with Vegeta. Makes sense. * Ginyu *COULD* keep his ki colour of purple if possible. Not really...
  5. Dokutayuu

    Customization Tweaks

    Now this idea will NOT affect gameplay whatsoever but is for those who use custom models. In 1.3 you will have multiple models for each Character but what about the sounds and sprites? Eg. Say I wanted Goten as a replacement for Gohan. Goten does not sound completely like Gohan so my...
  6. Dokutayuu

    Character Balancing Tweaks

    I think I've compiled a list on how weaker character (eg Trunks, Gohan) could be on the same levels as stronger ones (e.g Goku, Buu) Buu- lower speed from 220 to 200. Buu was a blob wasn't he? His main way of coping with pain was his stomach. Never got to see much of evil Buu's speed so 300...
  7. S

    Some Melee tweaks

    Okey just a couple of idea's to throw into the mix: Knocked into a wall - quick recovery In dbz if a fighter knew he was going to be smashed into a wall and he had enough energy he'd use the wall to jump off it instantly in the direction that he wanted. I think it could work like when...
  8. DracoHeart

    Beam Jumps *tweaks*

    Goku, he got kamehameha and generic beam. He can beam jump with any of this two beams. kamehameha needs more ki energy. Both beams jump speed is the same. So there should be some changes to the beam jumps with every character. Hopefully this will prevent beam jump spammers who continuously beam...
  9. DragonDude

    More Firefox speed tweaks A useful guide to use, just check the guidelines to determine where your PC/Internet connection falls, and apply the respective changes. Unlike the last "speed tweaks" tip I found, this one can be applied for people of all...
  10. imkongkong

    advance melee super tweaks!

    the advance melee is a really good idea, im serious =p it's just that imo doesn't last long and is very short, then you're knocked back far away so the current system is: 1. you input your attacks and wait for yourself to attack. 2. at the end of the input, your attacks are then...
  11. DracoHeart

    Basic Melee (Tweaks)

    I know few people hate basic melee and wants to remove them. But I think this tweaks will make basic melee better and more people will want to keep them. Basic Melee (now) 1) When you basic melee your opponent infront of him, he will usually fly 50 feets up the sky. 2) No matter how much...
  12. NightShade

    Esf 1.21 tweaks and reasons?

    Well i can understand ki ball spam but... Basic melee dmg. I not only one thinking it did not needed tone down. Basic melee is what makes esf fun for alot of people. Adv melee has to many risk to use. Even with the added protection and speeding up. It still not worth it when you got a big...
  13. imkongkong

    Advanced Melee - Simple, Great, New Tweaks

    First of all, you would swoop into a player to do prepunches which is already implemented. However, it would be an animation of the characters punching and kicking. This animation would last for 5 seconds. After that 5 seconds, both players would be blown off just a short distance (enough to...
  14. imkongkong

    Tweaks on Advanced melee

    The advance melee is so easy to dodge. Sometimes PL doesn't affect the ability to dodge. Usually if a weaker player fights against a strong opponent in the show, the stronger player is harder to dodge. The powerlevel should have an affect on making combos and also the speed of the counter...
  15. imkongkong

    Tweaks on scattershot

    Scattershot, in my opinion, could be made better. First of all, the max shot from scattershot should be around 8, just how it is now. Left click would shoot the ki blasts. Right click would pause all the ki blasts shot in mid-air. Once paused, you cannot shoot anymore ki blasts until...
  16. DracoHeart

    Advance Melee Tweaks

    The melee should last longer instead of punching for few times and then both players gets knocked off. They should only get knocked off when one player threw a successful strong attack. In this way more people will use medium and light punch. During a melee battle, there should be some special...
  17. imkongkong

    tweaks on the small ki shots and ki blob

    i think it's useless that if someone makes a ki blob, someone can just walk out of there... i dont think it should be that way.. like in the block struggles, u have to push away the beam... the same should be for a ki blob.. if someone keeps on throwing the small ki shots rapidly, it...
  18. U

    Fusion bebi

    well this the evil fusion of all time :devgrin: [IMG] *Pic Removed* -grOOvy * Link pwned by Magus for not getting permission*
  19. grOOvy

    Beta 1.1 Lag/Fps Tweaks

    Edit on 13th January 2004: Refer to this new sticky:
  20. E

    WOO! me done!

    WELP! here is you lil sneak peek at Gurus... I'll have lots of pics in my Dev journal as soon as some things are finished up that need to be added... ( like model size tweaks )