1. M

    Smo made skinning tutorial

    not for n00bs!, you need a skinmap and sum photo shop skillz
  2. X

    Hammer for Half Life 2

    Well I thought this deserved its own thread because it looks real good, plus there is comments on it at the bottom if you want to comment on it.
  3. V

    best skin tool for models out there ?

    Whats a good skinning toool i really would like to know i want to model but i suck i could prob skin
  4. P

    Please help

    Does anyone about the specifics i need to know to make my own animations? Like framerate, length, etc. Also, when making models, how do you know how big to make them? Finally, does anyone know where I can get a plugin or tool to export to .smd from 3dsmax 4 ?
  5. J


    I wanna take one part of an image and put it on a complely new image how can i do this on paintshop pro
  6. Wangster

    3dsm 5.0 question

    when i create something and i whant to render it, i get a render tab, i can edit a lot of settings, but there isnt an aply button or something like that, so how do i aply the render to a pic i made??? edit: anyone??
  7. R

    Help Required - Poly By Poly Technique

    I've been modeling off and on for a little while now, things have been interupting me as of late though. So I'm a bit rusty, and keep discovering new things. I used 3DS Max 5, I was curious as to how people do Poly By Poly modeling though? I've searched for the right tool to do it for sometime...
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    NeD s Vegetto?

    Can anyone tell me where can i find NED s Vegetto Model?
  9. V

    PiKKoN MoDeL

    I've made a PiKKoN model and it looks awesome but thats not the point.. I made it now.. but how do i replace it with another model like piccolo ? i tried to name the .smd file piccolo but he doesnt do that:cry: it is still piccolo... plz tell me if that is d0ne i release some screenshots and...
  10. owa

    [][] Helping Newbies At Art [][]

    Hey, Well I just got this idea of a thread well replying to someones thread in the signature thread. Well your prolly like well what is this, right? Well what my idea was that people who aren't new to photoshop, paint shop, ect could just post tips or little hints, ect about things they...
  11. F

    Help on photoshop

    meh, i just download *cough*bought*cough* photoshop, and i messed around with it for a while and realized i have no idea what im doing, and all the tutorial on the internet dont help on making sigs, so im wondering if some1 would be nice enough to help meout:D ;D
  12. Seph`

    Coloring a Drawing in Photoshop 7.0!

    Hey, I'm doing some sketches and I want to know how I could Color them in PS7.0 I've seen dudemans attempts and it looks quite easy. Thanks, Seph

    Help with Gmax

    Can someone tell me how to load and save ESF model files with gmax, so that I can edit it. Please tell me or post a tool or something.
  14. SSJ n00b


    with what program i make folds to skins give dl link
  15. Black Saiyan


    Can some please tell me what i need to skin and model cause i tried milk somthing i got lost in that so some please tell me -Black Saiyan
  16. S

    I Need A Good Modling Tool

    hey i need a good modling tool and not gmax i tryed that one and they never gave me a good code :S it says it was invalid so i fu could put a link down for a good one i would thanx u a lot :yes:
  17. Ranma

    I'm so confused, can you a question about making maps for me please

    Ok, I'm trying to make a map (i know nothing about making them :p). I've read more then 15 tutorials and i'm still clueless, but i'm still going to try :). Anyway, something is making me annoyed and i was wondering if you could simply answer 2 questions for me. 1. When i make a box, and...
  18. D

    Need bad help in 3D s Max

    hi, i got an model to skin its gotenks and i only can open it in 3ds max, byt how do i make it textured i know that its in milkshape rightmouse click and textured but how in 3D S MAX please tell me im using 4.2 Thnks !!
  19. mysticssjgoku4

    Creating A cone

    how can i create a cone for the top of a pillar with vhe?
  20. owa

    Tool = Teh Win!

    Hey guys, Recently, as in today, I've become addicted to Tool, and I'm wondering, my fav songs by them is "Sober", "Schism", Parabol & Parabola mix thing, and "Aenima" So do you guys know any other good osngs by them that are similer to those I mentioned?