1. M

    Violent Video Games as Learning Tool

    Something positive, for once. Source:
  2. fululu


    Hello guys need much help of you, how do I add new models to bots. In my esf bot there are only 9 players, how do I add such broly and how to play against broly bot.I 9 tried to change the bots, but not geti.there a tool to edit and add bots? I watched a video on which shows the...
  3. D

    Need a tool or command to change dmg given

    So now my Problem is, if im playing online, i get a hit, and then loose 10-20 hp, and offline (lan) i loose 1 hp, if i try to kill someon ewith kamhemhaemha, online it kills them, but offlien its not working fine, its to underpowered, for exaple with 100 million ki, i should easeali kil someone...
  4. Big Finish

    ESF TOOL friend told me we could play over something called ESF tool... Well when I create a server thru that thing and go to FPS drops too much, the game kinda freezes always...and it's a first person view always... While my friend tried to start the game, it says a file named...
  5. M

    Some council for tool vertex?

    well The subject is that when manipulating a object to give him different form to the hour of compile inform me that there was an error.. By this cuestion i have problems to now when its ok the object and the texture, if somebody can me give a council, i thanks for that.:(
  6. natasa777

    xml tool

    I was just wondering where can I download this xml tool because the bots aren't working and I would really like to see the transformations thank you
  7. M

    Clipping tool

    I've been reading through a lot of tutorials and a majority of them employed the clipping tool as a means of slicing up a brush. The thing that gets me is that when they have a picture showing the brush after taking a serious beating by the clipping tool, no pieces are missing. When I use the...
  8. owa

    Buy the new Tool record.

    On May 2nd, you have a duty to your ears, and that duty is to buy the new record, '10,000 Day' by Tool. No doubt it will be exhilerating. A little article from Adam Jones in Guitar World: Also, the album is going to be very good. How...
  9. .Maze

    FPS Tool

    Hi. I once had an FPS Tool where keeps your FPS from the Desktop so you play with 85 FPS in the game. Example: Mine Desktop FPS is 85 FPS atm but ingame (ESF) it goes down to 60. I had that prog befor so i had FPS from 85 in ESF usually, but i cant find the Program anymore. Any...
  10. L

    ESF Tool

    For those using ESF Tool: can you search your system for "steam.dll" and tell me where you have it located? if I try to create a dedicated server, it says unable to locate steam.dll
  11. N

    KI Tool

    Hi guys, how is ist going? I need a tool to set up the start ki when i open a server! Maybe somebody knew a tool or consol command? There is one server, i dont know the name and the ip jet, but on this server you start with 2Mio. Ki so there must be a tool or comman for it or? thx NightFall
  12. U

    Help with the ESF tool plz..

    I cant edit any bots eryhting is grayed out in the bot editor what hl.exe should it be pointing to? it cant find bot.cfg or bot.cfg is not detected of something how do I fix this?
  13. owa


    Let's discuss some of Tool, and other related bands. Anyone got a fav song by them? Mind sharing which song, maybe what song got you into them. Stuff like that, just talk about'em. And do the poll to, kind of curious. My favourite song by them can change, but right now I'm liking...
  14. P

    Zack's ESF Tool, Help me plz!!

    Hey, i downloaded Zack's ESf Tool but when i try to create a server it says "This application failed to start because Steam.dll was not found." I have located hl.exe as it told me. plz help :( :(
  15. Tsunami

    ESF Tool

    Is there gonna be a new release of ESF Tool for 1.2? I never got the chanse to use it on 1.1, but it looked real cool. IT just never worked for me, it kept *****ing that it couldn't find steam.exe.
  16. SuperDragonFist

    I can't get ESF Tool 1.1 to work...

    yeah well i cant get ESF tool 1.1 to work im trying to create my own server but it comes up with an error every time i click create server saying: The parameter is incorrect. and also how do you change the colour of your hud to be bright instead of dull and grayish :laff: oh and if ESF...
  17. K

    Esf tool

    hi i got the esf tool, but when i try and set up a server it starts up the game then closes, it doesnt say any problem. do i need to put what port, and if so how do i know what to put. please help!
  18. M

    Hl.exe and ESF Tool

    Ok first, does anyone know where i can get the hl.exe for half-life. For some stupid reason it got deleated or something. Also i used the search button and couldnt find where to dl the new ESF Tool so if someone could help me with that, it would be great. Thanks!
  19. D

    ESF TOOL 1.1 HELP!

    When i try to create a dedicated esf server with esf tool i get this error, can someone help me please!!! --------------------------- hlds.exe - Unable To Locate DLL --------------------------- The dynamic link library Steam.dll could not be found in the specified path C:\Program...
  20. Z

    ESF Tool v1.1

    ESF Tool, Version 1.1 Tada, here it is! ^^ This is basically a server tool, which has everything that you would want to do with ESF, whether its on the server side or the client side. As you can see from the above screen, you can search for servers and maintain easy favourites, view...