1. Death The Jedi


    Another creation of mine, tell me what you think:
  2. Escobar

    Bebop Wallpaper

    like d title says.. i used bryce in this 1, my first real work wif bryce http://members.lycos.co.uk/spiritwave1/Beepop1024.jpg
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    Indy Art: Digital Productions

    Made this completly in Photoshop. The title is the name of Quicksurfers art website, but the reason I really titled it that is because I couldn't think of a name, lol. Critz/comments please.
  4. S

    here are some model EDITS i have done

    like the title says here are some model edits GT GOKU Credits to azn for the gohan ssj3 from redsaiyan and azn for the gsm model also to the real modler of goku My own made metal gear rex model! credits to me hehe yes i no the skin is bad i just carnt skin map the model just...
  5. ultrassj_vegeta


    i do realise some bits are screwd up... however im too lazy to fix them at this stage... the mistakes shall be done when i have feedback on what to change... crits.. thnx u!
  6. A

    Which program is best for 3d artork?

    Exactly like the title says. What do you thing the best program to make 3d designs is?:D
  7. ]\/[ITCHELL


    does anyone want to edit a model for me??? and IF i decide to release i will give you credits (i pm-ed -DarkShadow- but he aint responding) email: mitchell also msn the model in question is righthere the parts in the red circles has to be removed 1-his tail 2-his sword 3-his...
  8. Vladdie

    can someone make an gohan model with kai uniform?

    read the title
  9. M

    The No 1 Martial arts master of the world

    as the title suggests i am modeling a Mr satan. lets not go into the why's, i just am. anyone know of some good referance pics as what ive done so far has been from estimation and memory. and any thoughts on who it should replace. i'll post a pic of it tomorrow, along with some ssj3 hair...
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    Alrighty, heres the most current-up-to-date..

    Lena Manipulation Photo. As you can see, I changed it quite a bit from the other...the name of the photo is to be named...so if you want to come up with a name, that'd be cool, I may consider it, and post it onto DeviantArt with that topic, credits included :) Again, thank you for the...
  11. X

    How do I make my own "texture"

    If you don't understand what I meant in the title, I mean when you can put your "signature" on the walls and stuff. I was just wondering how to do that. I have a map almost done, just a couple of bugs so Im putting on the finishing touches :D.
  12. Q

    Video logos

    This is a logo that I made for myself that is put into videos that I help with. Usually I just do some odd 3D work like make a title or something but atleast this gives me a way to pimp the **** i do Check it out here (2.5mb) http://home.cogeco.ca/~pkeen/logo.avi and for anyone that is...
  13. K

    I loking for the model :perfect cell

    work link please.....
  14. SS2 Gohan E

    SS2 Gohan with Gokus Clothes

    Can sum1 plzzz make a SS2 gohan with Gokus clothes like da 1 from Bojack movie ty :laff: I dink sum1 said they were gunna make 1
  15. SSj Goten

    Chibi Trunks W.I.P

    Can Anyone Make Me A ChibiTrunks Skeleton For My Friend Model?I Will Give You Credit And My Friend...75% for my Friend and 25% for you :yes:
  16. E

    Flash Sigs

    anyone tell me how to make a simple effect like this even any effect like flashing or any and hat program do i use please futile?
  17. P

    how do you put a sig on?

    the title speaks for itself. How do you put a sig on this thing
  18. M

    Can someone make me a sig?

    Title is pretty self explanitory. That or could someone send me to a sight where I can learn how to make some really cool sigs like I have seen on the forums. Mainly I just want one with these things in it. A couple pictures of Mystic Gohan, somewhere on there it saying Mystic -X-, and the...
  19. DragonDude

    Hence the title, Newbie

    Hello, I have 56k......yes, 56k. ~sigh~ I don't have ESF YET, but its downloading (I'll be able to play in about 4 years) so I was just wondering, is my ping going to be good enough to be able to play? I have DMZ as well, and 56k gives me a bearable ping. I was just wondering. Thanks.