1. VeGeTTo

    no title

    Why VeGeTTo does not going 2 appear in 1.3.1 he is a sayian he is possible he is kool HE IS IN DREAGON BALL Z so......... (like a fusion worrior!!!)
  2. G

    New PS3 Game Title (Screens/Link Inside)

    Well, this is another one of the new PS3 games that might be coming out in 2006 and from the images it looks rather impressive, espically if there in game- pictures/shots. What do you guys think about it. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/2daystovegas/screenindex.html
  3. A

    Rate the Custom User Title above you Revived :P

    Same thing apply for the last thread I made wich is in a graveyard buried :P
  4. A

    Rate the Custom User Title above you.

    For example, this is my title. Ryoko + Orion = Ryoion It's under your name and **** so anyway's All you do is rate the title above you.
  5. S

    Rate the TITLE above you >:D.

    Well? =D....
  6. bapplebo

    Endless (strange title....)

    Kinda uncolorful, but hey, I like it.
  7. K

    Unsure of a title...

    It’s cold here. Always spending an eternity Since that day… I was thrust…into this world. Lifeless summer, gone now- Banned, For eternal night, To cover my misshapen, black- Adorned form. I’m alone here – isolated, In this desolate wasteland. I hate this life. I was...
  8. S

    Changing your title

    Ok, this is gonna sound really dumb and retarded, because everyone else has figured out how to do this except me, so it must be really simple. how do you change your title? 'cringe'
  9. Ryoko

    What does your title mean?

    Well, what does your custom title mean? I guess you could try and interpret other users title's to see what they mean too. Rules apply here as well as anyware on the forum. You guys should know them well enough by now. My title? Well I really liked the phrase in an anime I have just been...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    fancy title

    http://www.deviantart.com/view/4525129/ tell me what ya think
  11. TwisteR

    Adding the letters ESF in your user title

    I noticed a while back, a few months ago, that when you try to add the letters ESF in your user title, it replaces the ESF letters with "***" Just curious to why that is.
  12. M

    I don't know what to put for the title

    Uh I wish they make the esf more realistic so like we you hit the rocks and stuff in the map, it would break. Then I should comeback in like 30 sec.
  13. N

    USSJ Goku by Nicho

    As the title says its a drawing of goku, I just got my new How to draw books to day, they are really cool, I'm only on the first few pages in one, but I can't wait to start drawing action poses.. (Image ) And just for the record.. This drawing would be my second time ever drawing a SSJ and my...
  14. Wangster

    first wp with a lil 2D ...

    hey, i made a wp, its been a long time, so please dont butch me if its ugly... i think it looks cool, the pic fits really well, thats my opinion, what do you all think? ps: the image has no stroke....aldough it loosk like it @ some parts. looks better when used as wp in xp.
  15. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Pic

    100% self made with photoshop in bout an hour, lol
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Evil Survives

    Power Corrupts - Evil Survived When man is given power, the more power they seek. Until it consumes them. But when evil grabs ahold, sometimes the human spirit may break. Slowly being wizened by time. Inspired by: Slipknot - Surfacing This took about 2 hrs to formulate. This was...
  17. Wangster

    2 bgs, and a budugly sig you can have ^_^

    here, as the title says: sig: BG N1: BG N1: you can have the sig, but give crits on the bg!
  18. |Da|K|


    Exceptince watcha all think?
  19. S

    is there a way to decompile a PK3 file in milkshape??

    like the title says can any one help me?
  20. S

    wtf?? i carnt get my head around this??

    well i dl the cyborg vegeta at redsaiyan.. and when i open the folder theres a readme title readmeigess when u read it, it says this folder contains a virus! and it has a trjen dll in it wtf is up woth that has any one else dl it?? or is it a joke because if it is a virus am screwed...