1. Grega

    Trying to remember a game title

    This one is REALLY old. It was a commandos style game and i only played the demo back before 2002 ^^ The story of the demo was something like this: You just got out of jail and wanted to get some cash, so you decide to rob a bank. That first level you pretty much have to scout out the bank...
  2. S

    Father and Daughter (Working title)

    Chapter 1 Story of a young blooded Sayian rested on the shores of pearl beach that lays on earth. This young dirty blond haired girl; with scarlet lit eyes and pure gentle skin rested her head lightly on the white sandy beach looking up into the sky also watching the salted waves rolling...
  3. Zero12

    How do i go majin in big pack 8.4v

    Well like the title says how in the name of hell do i go majin in big pack seriously its impossible i use pl changer put it to 70mli i damage my self til 10hp (emo move there)and no button or icon of some sort and i tried transforming and nothing so can someone help me.
  4. M

    Fallout: New Vegas Teaser

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/62228
  5. ciarkol

    [Old PotW] PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building

    <a href="http://www.moddb.com/mods/earths-special-forces/images/potw-goku-got-smashed-in-to-the-building" title="PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/1/48/goku-smashed-in-to-the-building.jpg" alt="PotW: Goku got...
  6. Greenberet

    Whats the name of the interpreter and title...

    OK guys, thats the problem: im searching for a song, but i dont remember the name of the song or the interpreter...so i need your help. the song was in the charts i guess 2 or 3 years ago. language: english interpreter: female, young( ~20-22 years old), long blonde hairs, looks really nice...
  7. Barack Obama

    Image Title Concern

    Skyrider. I've noticed a nic red "x" displays underneath my name where my avatar title should be. I am bringing you this issue as it will affect my continued contributions to these forums.
  8. Zeonix

    Unbiased Title About Conservatives

    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-sweeney/theres-no-arguing-with-co_b_126805.html The author of this thread has no opinion on the matter, because anything said will automatically be labeled as liberal bias. Including what I just said. And this. And this. Edit: I've been reminded that...
  9. Damaera

    Rate the Custom User Title above you

  10. Damaera

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY [S]!!!!! - Title Edited By OptiPrime

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
  11. Damaera

    Rate the User Title Above You

  12. Eon

    [TITLE MATCH] The fight for the tag team belt.

    This is it. I know there was supposed to be a doubles tournament, but Cuc, I'm asking you, the Rumble lasted 4 years, and it's taken one person a year's worth of stalls to post. I don't want to be retired from my career to get a tag team belt. But if you object, say the word. Myself, and...
  13. O

    Intro post (I know, boring title)

    Hi. Grabbed the mod yesterday, and have been playing, and browsing/lurking the forums since then, registered last night, only just got around to posting. So anyway, yeah, I'm a newbie, but I checked out the esf-world flash tutorial (read the 're-training' thread), and more-than-skimmed...
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Rate that user title!

    yeah there used to be one of these but i guess it dissapeared into the abyss. RATE THAT USER TITLE 1-10 THE THING UNDER YOUR USER NAME i was listening to some Soul Position and I found a neat little rhyme.
  15. Ravendust

    Movie 13 title and release date

    Dragon Ball Z's thirteenth and final movie has been dubbed 'Wrath of the Dragon', and will be released on September 19th of this year. After that, there are a few more Ultimate Uncut DVD's to be released before FUNimation will be finished with DB/Z/GT, unless they decide to re-release in HD...
  16. -Origin

    [ insert witty title ]

    Not finished.
  17. S

    Rate the Avatar, Signature, and Title above you!

    You know what they say! "Three heads are better than one."
  18. D

    rate the title above you part II?

    speaks for it's self, part to of the many "rate the (blank) above you" threads let it begin
  19. |Overlord|

    Your fav pc title of all time

    Well title says all, what is the best game title you have ever played. I would say for me, Doom3. I'm yet to play F.E.A.R or Q4, but I enjoyed blasting the crap outta some of those monsters. RTS wise, I guess I liked aoe2 the ebst, played it like there was no tomorrow at lans, But now the...
  20. S

    Rate the title above you ... AGAIN!

    Let's begin this mofo!