1. davidhalo

    Digimon 3d Test - 2nd Model

    I have no idea who this character is from digimon but I found a model sheet and figured I should try and do a 2nd model. Near 2100 poly's. I know it's not that great and all but be gentle, its my 2nd model using the poly by poly method.Took me 2 hours on and off No skin yet, not thinking of...
  2. Cold Steel

    I've just sgined up for the europian World of Warcraft closed beta test.

    I was wondering if there are more people who did.
  3. L

    pee test

    say your job wanted you to take a pee test, and you are not clean so you have someone else do it for you. If you are a boy can you have a girl pee for you? or does it have to be another boy?
  4. L

    Take the Test

    i scored 7 out of 10 http://www.zipperfish.com/free/quiz/likejailbait.html Not appropriate for kids, swearing and such Cucumba
  5. T

    Personality Test

    http://www.crown.org/tools/personality_instructions.asp This test is real friggin accurate IMO. Go ahead take it and give us the results. I'm a ... Cautious Thinker General Description As a Cautious Thinker, you tend to take great care to be accurate and thorough in your activities...
  6. M

    ANNOUNCE: the best way to test maps with ESF

    IS JUST TO DL THE BETA 1.0 recently I had to reinstall all my HL stuff... and I installed ESF 1.0 then installed a bad 1.1 patch so accidently I still was playing 1.0 beta... (the ESF 1.1 patch installed itself on \HL\ and not on \HL\ESF\) anyway I noticed that the precach took only...
  7. Vegeta

    Typing Test

    Typing Test - http://www.learn2type.com/TypingTest I don't know if anyone has seen this before, but I was trying it and I sucked so terribly. Maybe one of you can do better than me :]. Most definitely.. You basically type out the paragraph that is shown in the diagram. It's actually...
  8. H


    well, since this is the sig section, I just want to see how it looks
  9. D

    test model wip

    this is my first model all it is for is trying to model i probably wont finish it but here it is
  10. Suh Dude

    Milkshape Test Render

    Yes its this thread again :). Milkshape can be use like bryce and ects stuff :). Heres a pic of using milkshape creating spike balls :) And this final pic is when if you edit it with photoshop...and it does damn look good ;/
  11. Synth

    Personality Test

    Eric, you're a Secret Agent! Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Secret Agent which means you are a Thinker / Seeker Your primary sub-type is defined by "Thinker" characteristics and...
  12. Suh Dude

    Milkshape Test Render?!?!?!?!

    Well heres my first wip. Programused. Milkshape=Spikes Photoshop=Color ect, I was testing a render in Milkshape and totally thought of this spike creation :talk: Bla bla bla crits?
  13. nemecj05

    sig test..

    just testin to see if my sig will show up! =/ sorry moderator, i was just checkin cause it didnt show up in my preveiw and i dont know why its not now either if you know please tell me
  14. Rebirah

    My test poses

    New! These are some of my test poses becasue I never usually put them in poses. I usually have them just standing. And there are NOT suppost to bedetailed and look good so dont complain about them lookling like crap, just crit on how I can make the poses look better. Thanks Edit...
  15. P


    trying to get the sg to work :)
  16. G

    Test :$

    uuhm.. test..
  17. Final Vegeta

    Request a wallpaper

    Well i would really like a great Vegeta walpaper as majin Ssj2 smiling (the evil smile he did to goku @ the tournament when he blew the ppl up) But not to ful with stuf just a nice wallpaper showing Vegeta's powah! And ofcourse maybe to spice things up for u wallpaper makers, maybe make a...
  18. grOOvy

    test thread (deleting in a second)

    Test thread to test something about deleting your own thread as a normal member. Please ignore, this thread will vanish before you know it. Thanks, grOOvy
  19. P

    Zereth's Place

    Alright, A webpage I made.. I used: Photoshop/Image Ready/Notepad [Link] http://www.dragonballu.com/_notes/dont_touch/index.html (Link don't work yet. Only a test.)
  20. Wangster


    well, i saw you guys (esf mappers team) make a sphere for in esf cell day and night. well, i KNOW that it has been asked b4, but i cant find the threath, (looked thru all the pages) so, i want to know how to make those things on the corners of an arena, because i am making a map, thats huge, but...