1. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx test model in progress

    Head Views: <embed src="http://img187.imageshack.us/slideshow/smilplayer.swf" width="426" height="320" name="smilplayer" id="smilplayer" bgcolor="FFFFFF" menu="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"...
  2. N

    Help a broda out i wanna test my maps out

    Hi there im new to esf and stuff and i have a question i have downloaded this map pack http://esf-world.gamers-desire.de/file/870/SDBZ_Map-Pack.html its the sdbz one. Now the problem i have is when i try to load some maps(well in this case sdbz_capsule) i get this error message. No detail...
  3. Skyrider

    New Speedy Test forum Is Up!

    Before you are wondering, you are now on the new speedy forums. (You can see that by the "esftest.hl2files.com" link.) What changed? Not much.. We did moved how ever to a new PC which is much much quicker than the previous one which caused the slow downs. I'm not rather sure why it started quick...
  4. JasonX

    Test Drive Unlimited | Warning Large images.

    Test Drive Unlimited The New Test drive game is Released(In some Regions).... If you have ever dreamed of driving a shiny new supercar on a sunny day, cruising along a Hawaiian highway at leisurely 200 miles per hour, but just haven't been able to do it - either due to local laws, lack of...
  5. Ka1s3r_x

    test sig

    here is a test sig.. i havent made one in ages and this one is made form scratch.. i even colored the stock :) amateurly but i did it :]
  6. M

    The first thing you will test in the beta of the beta?

    i would go for the swoop and new lovely aura O_O you?
  7. M

    Sasuke *Test*

    I don't know, testing the flow, something is missing. Comments on them?
  8. M

    The Ultimate Console Test

    http://nintenblog.free.fr/videos/gc_Test_de_solidite.wmv X-PLAY!
  9. C

    Building an engine and need test models:

    I just started designing/building an engine for the games company some friends and I are trying to start up and unfortunately some of them seem to have gone missing right when I'm ready to start. I'm starting on the part where it loads up a room to test the characters in and I have one version...
  10. S

    IQ test D:

    http://uk.tickle.com/test/iq.html yar, i know it dont mean anything but heh, i think it was quite accurate with the description at least =P ____________________________________ Your IQ score is 129! Visual Mathematician You have a strong ability to process visual-spatial and...
  11. D

    date of test

    what was the date the esf team start to testing esf 1.3?? and what about broly in esf?
  12. bapplebo

    Test HL2 comic. (56k warning)

    Was terribly bored, and I dunno if this goes in art or offtopic... (shurg). C&C please. Also, its kinda random, but its a test O.O.
  13. G

    who is the fool, the fool or the fool who dose this personality test? (SW)

  14. I

    Sig Test

    Hi im RedRum ^^
  15. JDeezNutz

    Counter Strike: Source Stress Test!

    Hey, i finally got my new graphics card (Sapphire Radeon X800 XT 256MB) the maxium FPS i have got on the counterstrike source stress test is 117 FPS< my friend has the exact same card and he gets 140 FPS? do you know what coule he be doing thati am doing wrong? is it because i have the...
  16. M

    just a test, delete this thread...

    siggy sig sig
  17. S

    sig test

    mmhhh lets see if it works :]
  18. jp

    Test of how evil your are

    Okay, i found this test, where you can see how evil you are... How evil are you? http://www.hilowitz.com/john/test/evil.html http://www.hatebox.com/index2.php
  19. Grega

    I did a little test sig in photoshop

    Well this is what came out Well what do you think of my first sig C&C :laff:
  20. Enix

    Anime eye test

    I tested out a new style for doing anime pics, this is all my own custom creation with the help of this tut: Tutorial Heres the pic: C&C?