1. Ranma

    Custom Textures! Please Help!

    I've been making a map and adding my own textures to it, I've read many MANY tutorials on making it the correct size in Wally and then making it a wad. But i still have one huge problem i can't find how to fix in any tutorials. After i put my texture in worldcraft, apply it to the certain...
  2. B


    this is a lil selfportreit made in ps7 with airbrush-tool this is me irl (note, this isnt the refpic) i never really worked with airbrush before (used to do it with paintbrush and smudge - or highlight/dodge stuff anyway, what ya think?
  3. S

    does anyone know of a touritial for this?

    OK, im in desperate need of a tutorial of how to make a train using the halflife deathmatch .fdg I have been trying every setup i possible could, here is my current setup, if any of you know about this, and can point out an error in my setup, PLEASE do! train: Func_tracktrain name: truck...
  4. S

    I cant host a server to test my map! WTF!!

    Ok, heres my problem. I made a nice new map, and i need to test it. Everything was fine untill i get this message in my console when im making the game that says, "Host_error: No precache *1" Then, if i ttry to make it with another map, it says "host_error: Tracking.dll not found" or...
  5. Skyrider

    IQ test... *i'm looking for 1)

    well..... i am looking for a IQ test program.. BUT i want the program in DUTCH and it must be a good one.. last 1 gave me a IQ of 50.. what isnt correct.. lol.. anyway.. any dutch guys know 1?
  6. Mr. Satan

    Earthbound Art Contesht

    w00t! An art conest! We're looking for an Earthbound themed banner (780 Wide X 130 High) and/or a small link button, which can be animated. So basically this contest has 2 parts; one for the banner and one for the small link button. Which means one person could win the banner contest and...
  7. D

    where is the map

    i looked through the old gallery and found a pic of a strange map here and here i don´t know this map but it´s looking great so was this just a test map which shouldn´t be released?
  8. S


    hey i need the pass for the evm server!!!!!
  9. H

    Mapping Help Please !

    Can anyone help me please, i have a problem with my map ! when i test it, the character was a bit over the ground and not direct on the ground ! Please can anyone help me ! I use : Hammer 3.4 and the ZHLT and TCBB ! Because i didnt found HLCC Kann mir hier vielleicht irgendeiner...
  10. L

    sig test comms plz

  11. S


    the first time i wsa actually serios about modeling somthing, and i didnt make the textures, i used the same photo i used for reference for them i know the tip of the blade is a ll messed up but other than that it seems fine to me as of now comments and crits please update below
  12. V

    how do you test a mic?

    is there likeanyway i can test my mic to see if it works for esf it works for cs but when i play a esf ppl say they dont hear me... or can you even talk in the game using a mic
  13. Messiah Daz

    Bloody Compiling!! -_-"

    Ok well I worked on my map and went to compile. It didnt work. I got this when compiling. Need any more info just reply. Please help. Ive been told my maps are really good! http://xeko.net/compile.txt
  14. U

    Dragonball test map

    I used to have a map in which all the dragonballs were close together, but I can't find it anymore. It was very useful for seeing how a model looked transformed, or just to show off the transformed characters to my friends who haven't played yet. Does anyone remember and have a link to this map...
  15. E

    hen_castle test and feedbak thread and unforgiven fix

    yeah. i decided to make a new thread on this so ppl can request for maps, and send sum feed bak on hen_castle. also for unforgiven map. i'm gonna recompile it and also pile in the background then send as packaged to spin. so stay tuned.
  16. A

    Pikkon pack Release!

    Go get it here: http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=file&id=258
  17. J

    Great mapping challenge

    I would like to set up a mapping challenge The person that can create the best rats map of a spaceship in one weeks hence will win. What do you win? Nothing :cry: you just get bragging rights that you are better then all those other mappers.:)
  18. SSj Goten

    A model pack

    its different models from other people , i will give credits after i am done with everything :tired:
  19. B

    problem with map!!

    i made a test map in valve hammer editor. when i got in i selected my charater and spawned. but my character was standinf 3 or 4 feet of the ground and i was not in fly mode. does any one know how to fix this? email me at burning_archer@hotmail.com
  20. E

    new map but help with pics

    i've just made a good map with mountainous terrain an wot i consider a good atmosphere, wen testin against bots! only prob wit map is da sky which i downloaded. the sides are all in wrong places but i will fix that an recompile in future. the point is i need a help with hostin pics of the...