1. B

    Teleporting Attack

    Teleporting Attack show at the end of the game
  2. M

    Teleporting While Swooping

    Man, it's been a while since I've made a suggestion. The way I pictured it in my mind is that if you needed to cover a little more ground, you could teleport while swooping. When you teleport, it doesn't take away from the total time allowed in the swoop, even though the time it takes to...
  3. webber


    It would be nice if teleporting where limited to just dodging. Not like it's currently used, in a 'hit-and-run' tactic. I mean i've never seen Goku hitting Cell and then teleporting a mile, charge kamehameha at him and win. It will also be cool if the teleport (my version of it) could be used...
  4. ace005

    Swooping and teleporting

    Wouldn't it be cooler, if the afterimage that is left behind after a teleport would have the same effect like in the anime?Like, having all thoes lines "cutting thru"..I don't know how to explain it... In esf, the afterimage is too simple. Wouldn't it be cooler, if an enemy is at short...
  5. RavenTrunks

    Charge Teleporting

    To charge a teleport I'll get straight to the point. Explanation: Charging a teleport would increase distance coverage, depending how charged it is. for use with: Anyone, or Goku only(instant transmission feeling) How it work: There would be the normal and charge teleport Normal...
  6. S


    Hi I'm new to this forum and sorta new to the game. I've got the hang of meleeing and blasting and beaming and all that but I can't seem to figure out this whole teleporting thing. :\ I was wondering if anyone would like to coach/teach me...or if not just reply to this please ;D
  7. F

    About 1.2 Teleporting

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure what thread this should be in. But its about esf. so im putting it here. In 1.2 is there a small delay as to when you teleport. not the .15 second inbetween delay i know about that. I'm talking about when you actually press your binded teleport button. i press it. and...
  8. Hellhound

    Using teleporting?

    ok, so I'm new to mapping and don't know how to use teleporting? so if someone can explain how to use teleporting it would be helpful for my esf_lookout map. tnx Hellhound
  9. S

    Teleporting While Charging Up an Attack

    We should be able to teleport while Charging up an attack.
  10. P

    Teleporting While Charging Beam

    Well I noticed on some steam server while charging up a beam, I was able to teleport with Goku. It was awesome, i got to charge up a beam and teleport right infront of someone and suicidaly fire the beam. I was wondering if Goku is the only charcacter that can do this because it didn't work...
  11. M

    teleporting again?

    hmm do you guys think it would be cool, to be able to teleport ONCE while your charging for an attack? Sorta like in budokai warp kamehameha. However, you can only do it once so it doesnt cause all kinds of messes
  12. S

    Charged Teleporting!!!!

    Well just a suggestion, but what if you could charge the teleport so that the more you charge the farther you go, but the more ki you spent. and if you just press the button you would go not far and nt use a lot of ki, oh and you can charge the teleportwhile doing other things too. Oh and let...
  13. C


    I have noticed that if someone is infront of you you cant teleport threw him and that sucks. Each time you end up right infront of the dude! So my suggestion is to make it possible to go threw the dude standing infront of you.
  14. O


    Something I've never really got the hang of in ESF is teleporting in the direction I want to. It seems that the default direction to teleport is straight upwards, towards the ceiling. While I can press forward and teleport, and my next few teleports will take me in that same direction, if I even...
  15. B

    Teleporting during melee fights?

    I'll join a game and see people moving at crazy speeds. there was one instance where i seen two people near the ground then they started chasing after each other. They teleported like 3 times just along the ground then once more and I look up and they're really far in the sky. How do you...
  16. D

    Help With Reflecting,Staying with a bot and Teleporting

    I would like to some how be able to mimic the Bot some day but my Attacks are too slow or not strong enough and i don't know when to get out the way let alone find my opponent before he hits me. and i don't know how to Deflect melee attacks is that even possible? Oh and i only use Picollo ^_^ He ROX
  17. D

    ? about teleporting

    ok in the POTW, i see that goku has 2 after images, on far infront and one right next to him, will there be a way to teleport a certain distance?
  18. dillinger smith


    Now I don't no if this has been suggested before but I saw the new teleporting and it looks damn good, but do your characters say if your swooping at someone and they teleport at the last second.... does your character kick or punch the after image cause that would be really really kool.... and...
  19. K


    When you teleport, it would be rad it you left an afterimage. Like, a transparent model that fades away. Good idea? Suck idea?
  20. I

    goku's teleporting

    when goku teleports its lame i whit be cool if its like go in spectater mode en go wher yo what en teleport to