1. Slofreak

    Face Animation VFX Tech Demo All i can say is sweeeeet, cant wait to see this kind of face animation in gaming && textures on that model looks frikkin awsome.
  2. Viper

    Top secret Tesselated Toad Tech This looks amazing, but I doubt they will release any PC game using this engine before next gen consoles release/
  3. Mkilbride

    [Tech Dirt]Announcing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom
  4. dbzrogue

    Agni's Philosophy - Realtime Tech Demo Was gonna post in Unreal thread, but that would be deviating from the topic so >>; Just thought I would post this since no one else has so far, it looks pretty awesome :V
  5. Jarek Bachanek

    Anyone listen Trance/Electronic Dance Music ? I'm big fan of electronic music especially this sub genre: Few my fave artists: Daniel Kandi - Denmark Aly & Fila - Egypt Andy Blueman - Slovenia - My Personal god Ferry Tayle - France Manuel...
  6. B

    Hey there tech heads, need some help

    So I got my new laptop today, and I want to make sure that everything in it is up to date. I updated the graphics drivers already, that was easy. Updated the sound drivers, anything else I need to update? It's a new laptop. And because I didn't build it, I don't know everything about it. So...
  7. KarrdeKNR

    Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) Tech Demo #2 Released Just like the topic says. DoctorM64 has released the most recent version of the tech demo. It basically shows off the way the engine plays right now. It's heavilly based off the GBA version and uses a lot of sprites from it. He's added a fight with...
  8. Rayos

    Virginia Tech shooting there was the worst campus shooting in the history of the U.S today and my brother goes to this school. Took me 5 hours just to hear he was alright. Apparnetly a gunman killed an entire classroom....that classroom was right next...
  9. Phobius

    Got to love the cable/internet tech support.

    Well a few weeks ago my gf decided to get this new fancy internet phone thing without telling me because I was away on work for about 3 days. Anyways she called ahead to bell(My phone service company) and told them to disconnect our phone line on the 8th or something like that when the next bill...
  10. K

    Could use some tech help IF POSSIBLE

    ok i installed the game, No probs there.Then i load the game, no probs there. I get the the start screen and when i go load ANY server, or try to start a LAN game.It starts the normal procedures " Establishing network connection to server" " Parsing server Info" About half way threw the...
  11. Enix

    Blue 3d tech scene ^_^

    dunno why I made it, I opened up max and went crazy. I thought the render came out cool, so I was like "mehh...I'm gonna post it.....". So here ya go: Yet another big one, hope ya like it ^_^.
  12. Soulicro

    Half Life 2 Tech Help

    Gonna hit the Steam forums after this, but since I know the ESForums are a big source of help, I'll post here first. Alright, my HL2 issue: The game has worked amazingly well up until today. I load up Steam/HL2, the Valve movie shows, the main Loading screen appears. Up until there...
  13. Robby

    Dont you hate Tech Support?

    stupid questions and stuff ya know. watch this to see. good stuff :warning: PLZ DO NOT WATCH THIS IF UNDER 13 :warning:
  14. Enix

    High Tech Sig.

    I can't believe im saying this but, this is probally my first high tech sig. I used my kakashi recreation and tech brushes made by WuRklash. C&C?
  15. G

    Tech Signature

    Yet another tech signature, Crits and Comment how you see fit. Let the comments begin! :p
  16. bapplebo

    Experimenting with tech lines

    Version 1: Version 2:
  17. D

    Tech Angel

    Just to get things straight, this bg isn't really "Tech" but it is just the name of the piece so deal with it =P


    this sounds stupid but, i notice alot of people with "tech" in their sigs and i was wondering how they make it.
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    Simple Tech (WP)

    bla bla crits and comments appreciated
  20. Warbandit

    Buu blow tech.

    I think the team should put the buu airblow technique to blast away beams and people and blasts. U will have to charge first though. then alternate attack, u suck in instead to eat candy or stuff. Just think of this technique like gokus invisible enegry blast. I think this is good.