1. A

    Gohan Request

    Can anyone make adult gohan in his purple suit with short hair?I have a model but that 1 sux.It needs to be a good 1.When it transforms it need to be ssj3.WITH NICE HAIR not suckage.
  2. M

    how do you model

    :( how do i make my on model :confused:
  3. D

    I Finished My Ssj5 Goku Model You Can Download It Here!!!!!!!!

    ok im finally finished with the model, i looks almost like the picture below with a few changes you can get it at my web site post some relpys to let me know what you think of it: wait for the intro to finish to enter the site and then click on the link right about the ssj5 goku pic...
  4. SS2 Gohan E

    SS1 gohan

    is there a decent SS1 Gohan in Gokus outfit yet? not the 1 from red saiyan no offense to the person who made it but dats cheap it sux if there is plzz pm me
  5. D

    hi there wich programs can i use

    plz give me the home page too get the map programs i can use cuzz i vant too map i can model but that is hard and booring i can use world craft but i vant too know if there are other mapping programs such as terrain editor
  6. KrazyKarl

    My Photograph Thread

    Hey guys, I've been kinda into shooting B&W pics lately and I will be posting a them on this thread as i get them developed, so tell my what you think... here are a few to get things started
  7. D

    Make A Gohan SSJ4 Model

    I would like someone to take up the task of making a gohan ssj4 model. here is a picture for anyone who would like to try. thanks.
  8. S

    Bigger Aura

    Hi, im new in this forum and im a german boy ;) I have a question: The Aura wich is in beta 1 looks boring for me! Can someone please make a bigger aura than the normal? PLZ Big THANX I hope you can help!
  9. eminence

    Question about Sig Quality

    How are you people able to maintain such a high quality on your sigs? On the one I'm currently making, whenever I save it, and then open it again, there's weird dots everywhere and the picture isn't as good as it was before.. So how are you guys able to maintain such high quality? BTW, I'm...
  10. Emeka650

    Dbz budaki sux no no way

    I played dbz budaki yesterday and today at first i thought is sucked because i thought it was to short.But then i found out it had an extra 6 boards which i loved.And the graphics are great.They missed some stuff though the biggest one to me is that goku doesnt go ssj 2 Vegeta...
  11. Q

    New Sig, crits please

    well I dont really come around the forums much anymore but I figured I'd make myself a new sig for the hell of it it actually took awhile to make and I think it turned out preatty cool. Its my first shot and a black/grunge type sig so give me some crits on how it looks
  12. Sk8d0g

    16bit color sux

    ok, i noticed that esf is [and probably anything else that is half life] running in 16bit color. its too bad that there isnt an option to change this in the games' configuration menus, but im sure theres gotta be a way to force 32bit color to be used. can someone help me out? please?
  13. MastaKilla

    future Realism

    I was wondering but in the future(if halflife like advances or improves), can u make maps that make relistic damage of the objects of the map. for example, goku gets hit and plows into the building creating damage of the building. OR, Vegita getting hit by a beam and hits a small hill which gets...
  14. Mr. Satans

    Me = f***in' sux0rz!!

    Aghhh! I can't wait till summer when I can learn Photoshop (PSP Blowz!!! The best of my PSP abilities is my sig which sux azz0rz) Anyways if there is anyone who feels sorry for someone who couldn't make a good work of art to save his life, couldja make meh a r0x0r1ng Mr. Satan sig?? It sounds...
  15. H

    divx encoding sux heres another

    Seeing that noone here knows about video encoding i must share my knowledge.... (well mabye some pppl do i'm not trying to insult anyone) divx 5 5.01 5.02 they all are pretty good but theres a technique that beats the crap outt'a them. it's called sbc encoding and uses divx 3.11 (alpha i think...
  16. N

    Art work indeed!

    I named this character Jin Kyto,AKA Night-Fox I have been practicing my clothing and hair sketches since last night and I'd like to know what you guys think! This picture isn't much but a sketch..But I thought I should ask for some crits about this to help me sketch better..Thanx all! ;/ :)
  17. Prozac

    Who says that Gallic gun sux

    just take a look @ these pics start with 1 then 2 then 3 ( <-- for the smart ppl ) I know it isn't the beta but the aplha still owns :)
  18. suicidal_maniac

    A new sig I made.

    I just finished a new sig. I was gonna give it to anyone who wanted it but first I want to get out any flaws so I need some opinions.
  19. V

    Snake Way map.

    I made a snake way map, it has a long way and enma daios house. I need tips on how to make multiple spawing points and then i need someone to compile it. If you are willing to compile it, post your MSN messanger e-mail here and i will send the .map to you. Or perhaps a different form of data...
  20. Y

    Tien in ESF?

    Does this mean that tien might be in future ESF realeses?