1. K

    innovative suggestions for esf

    1) i accept ur reply.. one more suggestion left ... 2) u can give four keys to control each hand and leg individually.. 3) so that u can design for melee combat system with the above mentioned four keys . along with the direction keys combination for a melee move... 4) make the...
  2. V

    I have Multiple Suggestions

    Here they are 1. Dual Kamehameha For Goku SSJ3 I know you guys dont like adding GT things to the game but I believe that was the best attack of the entire series. 2. Destructible Environments. Nothing is better than throwing Frieza's Death ball at someone and they trying to block it getting...
  3. ravenX08

    suggestions for bots

    hope that u'll release a patch that will fix the bots coz some of us (like me) only play on LAN. coz our connection is not that good and its so laggy when playing online... hope u'll consider my request. tnx
  4. M

    Forum Suggestions

    Forum Sections 1. Add a "News" forum section. 2. Rename the "General" forum section to "Earth's Special Forces". 3. Add a "Off-Topic" forum section. 4. Remove the "Open Beta Final!" forum section. Forums/Sub Forums 1. Add a "ESF and Forum News" forum under the "News" forum section...
  5. D

    suggestions, please.

    could someone suggest an anime for me? i like various types. action, comedy, love martial arts anime like kenichi, harem comedy, and the comedic "slice-of-life" stuff. ive seen full metal panic, negima, ranma 1/2, worlds greatest disciple kenichi, love hina, and tenchi muyo. along with...
  6. VideoJinx

    Wanting music suggestions

    A vid is about to launch and I'm wondering what songs or music people would recommend for my use. just post away, or not ~~
  7. KYnetiK

    Dark Theme Banner Suggestions

    I quickly made a banner for the dark forum skin, based off the banner. Not fussed whether it gets used or not, but thought it would come in handy. If it is wanted i can clean it up a little, resize as necessary. This thread also gives the opportunity to voice other banner ideas...
  8. Zeonix

    Random Suggestions

    Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2 Suggestion 3 In response to being asked how ping would affect this: Read, critique, make suggestions, give feedback. You know the drill.
  9. M

    Forum Suggestions

    1. Add a "Modification Corner" sub-forum to the "Video Gaming" forum. It could help keep things organized and possibly encourage discussions of other modifications. 2. Add a "Manga/Mahua/Manwha/Comics" section in the "Off-Topic" forum, under the "Off-Topic" sub-forum section. It could...
  10. kam!

    Need some suggestions

    After few months of doing nothing, I tried to cook up a new sig. I'm not really satisfied with the result this far. I like Inoue's half, I'm still not quite fond of Ichigo's bg however. Maybe it doesn't work the way I planned it... As for text, I don't know if I should should put my name...
  11. VideoJinx

    CTDB mode suggestions..

    Welp ive seen some interesting ideas.. here is one of mine.. In CTDB mode teleports should be limited in some way.. maybe cost a lot of stamina ?? or something.. I mean teleporting is nice.. but in CTDB i think swooping should be the main way of getting around.. Cuz tele *grab...
  12. Dzamija

    A few minor suggestions.

    Alright, I'm gonna give a few small, easily implemented suggestions that fell into my mind while I was playing ESF 1.1, and I think they'd make the game more fast-paced and more interesting. 1. Faster swooping. The current swooping is way too slow. Try putting it to 1.1's speed and see if...
  13. |Xiphos|

    FP's Suggestions

    I have been thinking of a few things that can be done to seriously improve the ESF: OB. Some of them are minor but some of them are ideas that I think are really useful. If you have anything to add onto or take away from my ideas please feel free to do so. Well, here goes. <Scouter/Ki Sense>...
  14. The Deco

    Some suggestions - Some swooping stuff

    I watched some episode in DBZ when they fight the Ginyu force and I saw something that could be easily implanted to Open Beta. (1.3) The first fight vs recoome was vegeta. He did exactly what we do in turbo charge then he swooped exactly like swooping in 1.3 then he did a first hit basic...
  15. Snowm@n

    2 suggestions about kid buu

    * Since he doesn't have the swoop animations, i though: Charging - charging position Press forward - He starts turning into a ball like he does against goku, and starts flying in the form of ball. * He has that pink beam right? Kid buu could have as secondary attack, that Pink giant ball...
  16. Dokutayuu

    New Basic Melee Ideas yet Suggestions indeed made to help ESF gameplay develop

    I've noticed that in DBZ, the main method of combat isn't smacking them with single hits around the world... Many attacks are small physical attacks that do little... so why not in ESF? 1) Left-click - *This is your standard strong attack, it delivers a nice punch/kick/headbutt (depending...
  17. Gama

    Need suggestions

    I need to play around with my new style a bit more and was just wondering if anyone could suggest any animes they would like to be made into a wallpaper. I could just pick the animes I like but not many ppl have the same taste as me . So go ahead and suggest something :P
  18. Grim Reaper

    Suggestions for ESF 1.3

    I think you can make new walking for Vegeta and grand explosion for all attacks (sorry for my bad ENG :D)
  19. M

    Need Font Suggestions

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any specific fonts that flow with a Martial Arts themed signature. I've looked at a couple font sites, and I haven't found anything yet.
  20. O

    1.3 Suggestions

    Hi, I am new to posting threads but here goes.:scared: First off, I have a couple of suggestions for 1.3 that you might like to take a look at. 1: If possible, can fusions be added to the game? as I would like to be able to play as Vegito or even Gogeta. 2: Can 1.3 be played...