1. Holmisen

    ssj4 goku

    i gonna start to make ssj4 goku for 1.3 but how can i just take gokus normal feet and legs? or do i have to make it self? i gonna make body + head self and tail. to make that model i gonna use ms3d
  2. Enix

    Skinnin SSJ4 Gogeta

    I started skinning clipseh's gogeta last night, and got a bit more done today. Big thanks to sv for the skinmaps, saved me a huge headache <3<3<3
  3. john_volkov

    GohanBuu vs SSJ4 Goku

    so how will win in DBZ if GohanBuu and SSJ4 meet . I say that GohanBuu was stronger then SSJ4 even SuperBuu was stronger then SSJ3 equal to SSJ 4
  4. G

    ssj4? amxx plugin?

    Sorry if i am not allowed to post this but i recently downloaded the ssj4 amxx plugin and on a website i found it said to install it into steam email or something is this a scam that will give my steam account away and if its not could someone tell me how to install? I'm a new comer so go...
  5. ssjgoku god

    ssj4 plugin

    so, anybody wants to play as a ssj4? well you can! i found a plugin for goku and vegeta that could transform you into a ssj4!! if you're an evm fan you should get this. first: you must have evm 2.0 (i dont know if the patch is needed) with a full model pack. second: you must extract...
  6. J


    how the heck do i go ssj4 with goku... i remember doing it ALONG time ago.. i just can't remember how to do it. Don't you need like a model pack or something?
  7. LionHeart


    evo ssj4 has been reborn...and here is a trailer of it ENJOY :D EDIT: CLICK for High Quality Version:
  8. Kreshi

    SSJ4 Vegeta

    EDIT: CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD SSJ4 VEGETA!! I thought about releasing my old Vegeta SSJ4, but i need help: Is the only way to fix this by making the legs shorter? the tail is "half - animated" - that means not every animation for the tail is done but the most important ones are...
  9. I

    help with ssj4

    ok i got this ssj4 model and i dunno how to work it so that goku goes from ssj3 to 4 please help and mods please put this in some kind of evm cuz i kow some of u closed it and the topic creators dident get any answers and also if not i need to know where to find a decent model of ssj4...
  10. Dokutayuu

    SSJ3 stronger than SSJ4?

    You know you could really never tell. Goku never said about it being more powerful. He was also a child in GT (not as good as DB or DBZ) and could only be an adult as SSJ4. He was weaker as SSJ3 as he was a child. Vegeta never went SSJ3 so he couldn't prefer it over SSJ4? Strange isn't it?
  11. N

    Goku Ssj4

    I have EVM. My Goku transforms: Goku--->Ssj1--->Ssj2--->Ssj3 and that's all. How can I do the 4th transform of Goku? (Goku--->Ssj1--->Ssj2--->Ssj3--->Ssj4)
  12. C

    About ssj4 plugin.. NOT EVOSSJ4!

    Has somebody done ssj4 plugin to esf ? if does , can you please give me a link ? sorry for my bad english :(
  13. W


    Well here and SSJ4 Sig with some esf models again i used :P i used no c4d's this time just tryed some brushes C&C Rating 1/10
  14. ssj3Viper

    SSJ4 Plugin question...

    Anybody knows where i can get it from?
  15. R

    Where can i download SSj4

    I found a server with ssj4 charakters but i dont can go on the server. Now i look for that. Where can i download it?
  16. P

    goku ssj4 vegetto

    how can i be ssj4 and vegetto in evm
  17. donnierisk

    Original ssj4?! :o

    Okay, so I just found out that the ssj4 forms of Goku and Vegeta weren't the real ones. they weren't made by Akira Toriyama(DBz/gt creator and character designer, leader, google him for more info), they were made by some other guy that got part of the team in GT(Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru) and wasn't...
  18. F

    need trunks ssj4 plugin

    hi all. I was wondering if someone could make me a small ssj4 plugin for trunks. I just need a simple plugin which allow trunks to go to ssj4 with a stans effect. If someone is interrested to make it, answer to me plz. Thanks :)
  19. buculie


    SSJ4 is availanle in esf 1.3 ?? If not , is a plug-in or something to make available SSJ4 transformation?
  20. john_volkov

    EVO SSJ4 ;(

    ;( Plees do something about this ,like some guy sugetet about EVOSSJ4 here plss make a rule in u can ask and get help from here .This is a simple sugestion and easy to make .I think EVO SSJ 4 will apere and all the n00bs will problably make tharead here about there EVO SSJ4. I'v got nothing...