1. Sc4recroW

    I need help locating this SSJ4 Goku model

    I need help locating this model, if anyone has it could they please send it to me, or send me a download link. I only found out about the model just recently and I got the image from here
  2. P

    Ssj4 Transformation Won't work.

    I created a server succesfully , but whenever i try transforming into ssj4 it wont work. i meet all requirements still wont work with goku and vegeta. So i tired installing the bigpack into the serverfiles, got almost the same problem, when choosing a character neither goku and vegeta can...
  3. L

    Looking for SSJ4 Gohan ECX pack

    So I downloaded a pack that *supposedly* had ssj4 gohan and some pan stuff in it... and it had everything.... except the core.amx file to actually load the ssj4 gohan stuff x.x Does anyone have the actual AMX file that I can download?
  4. V

    Plese for the love of god somebody help me go ssj4

    I've done too much research on this...My friend and I have been at this for hours on end. I'm on ESF ECX RC2, i have the big pack 8.4 installed correctly. I know this because I've got the dragonballs numerous times and summoned the dragon for the moon or power whatever it may be. I read to go...
  5. greenblur

    Another ssj4 thread

    First off. I have ESF 1.23; both addons that are in the addon section on the site installed propperly, (I hope big pack is, that might be my problem) and a legal copy of hl1 purchased on steam. <now that that's out of the way I get to ssj3, but I can't transform into kid Goku at all. I have...
  6. J

    Ssj4 in esf 1.2.3 in half life

    Can any of you help me out on how to get ssj4 in esf 1.2.3 in half life i cant call shenron to become kid goku
  7. Z

    SSJ4 Goku

    Ok I got to SSJ4 Goku but when I revert I can't transform into SSJ4 again unless I repeat the hole process why??
  8. H

    Fusion SSJ4 Revert script.

    Hi, someone can edit the fusion of goku and vegeta ssj4 reverts? if the fusion reverts i get goku / vegeta normal and not in super saiyan four looks like the anime DBGT. Please someone can edit the script of fusion ssj4 reverts? if the fusion reverts i want ssj4 goku / vegeta and not the...
  9. L

    SSj4 goku and vegeta

    I know these are posted all the time but I realy cant get myne working, I have gotten over 25k ki on both while in standard form, under 5 hp, moon is there, reinstalled big addon pack, reinstalled esf and put big addon pack on again, Is there something Im not doing?
  10. R

    Need some help

    I don't use steam I use ESF 1.2.3. with ECX RC2 with Big Pack 8.4 I have Half-Life 1 w/ ESF and a Half-Life+CS1.6 combined version I use Router All drivers u2d 2 things i want to ask 1., How to evolve to SSJ4 with Goku or Vegeta? I have 25 million KI in _normal_mode (so in ssj3...
  11. M

    Why i cant ssj4?

    Hi All i transform since the ssj3...why i can't trasform in ssj4??? pls !! have have power point
  12. D


    I've managed to get to the powerlvl high enough to go ssj4 but it wont let me what do i do?
  13. Y

    goku ssj4.......!!

    hello.......... what do i need to do to transform into goku ssj4 ?? hw much power level do i need in normal mode to transform into kid goku ?? plzz help me out.......tell me the whole process !! plzzz !!
  14. Ghost_Ryder

    Goku SSJ4 10x Kamehameha

    Goku SSJ4 10x Kamehameha sprite: Download: These files are esfworld. Not my creation. :)
  15. Blodgharm

    help ssj4

    i have the ecx and rc2 downloaded i had the moon had 20mill in reg and had lower health whats wrong?
  16. F

    SSJ4 help

    i know its been asked but i read through most if not all of the threads and none helped me. I have got down to 10 hp with over 15 mill as normal goku and i got the moon but then nothing happens i still go to ssj1 goku if i transform. in some of the videos they summon a 2nd dragon how do you do...
  17. M

    Esf 1.2.3 Ssj4

    Hi I have a problem with ssj4... . I Have 16mln ki 13hp and i cant ask dragon for moon:-/. I dont know what to do i play this game all day and i dont unterstand this transform. Please Help. Sorry for bad English ;s
  18. M

    Finally ssj4

    Guys i did it I was reinstalling esf about 5 times and last time i vas messing up with the files and it worked thank everyone for theri help thx guys it seems the problem was that I didn't intall something correctly...:):):):):):):)
  19. M

    going ssj4

    well I was asking u about how to transform into ssj4 and now when I saw all videos about transforming into ssj4 from youtube i saw that everyone of them have red shenron... when I call shenron it's green i think that the dragon have something with it so can u tell me how to change that two...
  20. S


    i cant go ssj4 in game i already got the moon and hp below 20 but goku just goes to ssj also have 15.000.000pl in normal what do i do now??